Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Neth Tv to launch next year

We have got information that Neth Tv the sister station of Neth FM will commence transmissions from next year.

Therefore at the moment we are getting reports that there are four tv channels on the way.

Max Tv - test transmissions have commenced
Siyatha Tv - test transmissions are to commence soon
JVP Channel - test transmission status not known
Neth Tv - test transmission status not known, probably next February

Also the channel that we said was appearing on UHF 42 as a very weak signal has suddenly disappeared and has not been active for over a week.


Consumer Sri Lanka said...

I think the JVP's channel is VTV, stands for "Vimukthi TV"

Anjana Ishan said...

No thats rashmi tv. Pl. Don't call it Jvp tv.

Anjana Ishan said...

As i know Rashmi tv has no license at the moment. But president agreed to give license when they sing mahinda chinthanaya.That not on the paper. But Jvp leaders hopping president will keep his word.I'll update about this later.

Anjana Ishan said...

Jvp got there tv telecast license for sure. And yesterday unp also decided to start there tv line. Further they say they are the oldest political party and they have right do so. They are another news hela urumaya also willing to appeal new license. I'll update about this political tv lines later.

VHE said...

Neth TV is working now on a new satellite Eurobird 9. I can see both Neth TV and TV Lanka in this satellite. Visit this link:

VHE said...

You can watch 2 Sinhalese channels in Eurobird 9 now. Neth Sri and Lanka TV.
Visit this link to connect the dish.

prasantha said...

Siyatha TV is telecasting again after a test transmission. Has the ownership changed?