Tuesday, September 19, 2006

SLRC & SLT awarded new license

SLRC & SLT are the two operators who have been awarded the new license "License to provide non voice telephony services using cable distribution network and satellite communication networks" by the TRC out of the 26 that applied for the license. The upcoming launch of Rupavahini World Channel may explain why they obtained the license. But SLT, maybe they are also planning on launching their own satellite service or are targetting hiring their license to others. Anything is possible.

Please keep us updated on developments regarding the issuance of this new license as and when companies obtain this license.


Anonymous said...

Any news regarding new channels. What about the channel UHF 42? There is no signal on UHF 42 in Maharagama Area.

MGM is OK when I turn the antenna to the opposit direction of nortmal position. I think this is useless.

What about Siyatha?

Anonymous said...

knock knock r u sleeping admin?

Anonymous said...

are u sure . None of the Meadia reports this up to now

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

We are sure that SLRC has been issued the license but regarding SLT, we hear that it was mentioned at the CBNsat hearing.

Anonymous said...

Neth FM also going to start their TV channel next February.

For now we know that 4 new TV channels on the way.(Max TV, Siyatha TV, JVP Channel V and Neth TV)

How many more to come??