Tuesday, September 19, 2006

"Rupavahini World" Channel to be launched

The state run SLRC is to launch their International Channel called "Rupavahini World" and are calling for applications from local and international companies to distribute the channel via DTH, IPTV & Mobile Tv.

Well this will officially spell the death of TV Lanka since all they do is repeat programmes from channels such as Rupavahini. Serves them right for trying to mess around with CBNsat.

We are also informed that CBNsat will approach Rupavahini to uplink all their channels until their licenses are approved by the relevant authorities.

We are still unable to gather whether Rupavahini World will be a Pay Tv channel or a FTA channel. Initially at least it would be a FTA channel enabling people to access the channel at a much cheaper rate. This channel will no doubt be popular among the sri lankan expatraites since they do not have much choice for local entertainment.

The launch date of this channel is not known still, but please keep us posted on any new developments regarding this channel.


Anonymous said...

I think this is a fantastic news for expatriates..!! Hope they will deliver this channel using popular DTH like SKY for UK veiwers... Well done SLRC..!!!

Sam said...

Dam! I have to climb on to top of the jack fruit tree to fix an antenna to watch Rupawahini at my Grandmothers house! Now Rupawahini World? Where i have to climb up for that!

Anonymous said...

Hope Rupavahini world will no be for third world limiting it for political messages....