Friday, November 24, 2006

Allegations of Lip Synching by Yes FM Megastars

We have got information from one of our readers alleging that the Yes FM Megastars are lip synching the songs that they are singing. We have been getting information earlier from others that the Sirasa Superstars are lip synching the songs that they sing at times and their stage performances specially at the finals are all lip synched. We also found this interesting post called "Lip Synching by Yes FM Megastars" on a blog called True Sri Lankan listed on Kottu.

So we decided to check this out yesterday and we found that the lip synching is actually taking place and you have to look carefully to notice it.

We believe this is an act of misleading the general public and the sponsors of the show should immediately withdraw their sponsorship. Maharaja Broadcasting Corporation should explain to the general public and apologize for misleading the public on this and several previous occasions. We are also told that the winners of all their Superstar and Megastar shows are decided before hand and they have been taking everyone for a ride.

Over to the Managing Director of MBC Networks.


Anonymous said...

I am not a fan of superstars and i hate sirasa tv for their media terre.... but i think this is some kind of mud...

Anonymous said...

This is with regards to another posting that was made regarding the matter as well. My question "Whats the deal?"

If the pro singers do lip sync, then if that is ok, why is this not? Regardless of whether it is right or wrong, what are we looking at? Ppl who can sing or ppl who can dance and move and, at the same time sing without panting? I simply dont see the point. The audience at the end receievs the song he wants to hear and the act he wants to see. So whats the problem? I cant see any problem unless you are expecting them to do as YOU wish; to which I'd say "go to hell"