Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Thaalam FM : International Radio

Sri Lanka is getting it's first truly International Tamil Radio Station in the form of Thaalam FM which is presently testing on FM 93.6 from 22:00 hours onwards daily.

According to information that has been sent to us by Media Asia, Thaalam started as an Internet Radio Station called World Tamilar Radio and then started broadcasting to UK, Europe and Middle East via Hotbird satellite in 2005 and changed the name to Thaalam FM.

It is said to be a 24 Hour Tamil Station broadcasting news, current affairs, quiz shows, etc.

The company behind Thaalam FM is called

Yellowwin Media (Pvt) Ltd.,
21, T.B. Jayah Mawatha,
Colombo 10
Telephone : 2674390
Fax : 2673803
EMail : lanka@yellowwin.com

For more information please refer Thaalam FM web site on www.thaalam.fm

We like to thank Media Asia for providing us with the above details.


Anonymous said...

To Adm,
This Radio Channel is 100% LTTE Channel. What about CBN Ban. where is the National Security.

Anonymous said...

Your Correct, Look at their name. Taalam. Tamil+eealam = Taalam. different is 'h' after 'T'

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, Neth Fm Sri Lanka Have allready get there sat fre. check on http://www.lyngsat.com/hb6.html. then go down to 11200 V.
In 10971 H You will find Thalam.

Tamilan said...

To Anonymous:

How can you say that Thaalam FM is a 100% LTTE channel???

Do you know the meaning of the name "Thaalam" ??

Thaalam has something to do with music - Thaalam means rythm in some way.

If you listen to their news, they base their source on international news bureaus like Reuters etc.

Listen to their programmes, and you will see that they are not supporting anyone.

They both says negative and positive news about LTTE, if there is something to say. A 100% LTTE channel wouldn't do that.

So think twice before you write in here with your unproved talks!

Media Asia said...

Dear anonymous friend, who has written this:

"Hey guys, Neth Fm Sri Lanka Have allready get there sat fre. check on http://www.lyngsat.com/hb6.html. then go down to 11200 V.
In 10971 H You will find Thalam."

NETH Sri Lanka is not NETH FM from Sri Lanka.
NETH Sri Lanka is a Sinhala TV-station from Italy, which is telecasting 24 H a day on Hotbird satellite.
I don't know if NETH Sri Lanka TV has something to do with NETH FM from Sri Lanka.

Does anyone know what NETH means?

On Hotbird satellite you can get following Tamil/Sinhala channels:

1. TTN Tamil TV (from Paris).
2. Deepam TV (from London).
3. DAN Tamil Ozhi (from Paris).
4. Cee(I)TV Tamil (from London).
5. Sun TV
6. KTV
7. NETH Sri Lanka
8. Pavana TV from Middle East (1 hour Sinhala programme on DAN Tamil Ozhi).

1. IBC Tamil Radio (from London).
2. TRT Tamil Alai (from Paris).
3. London Tamil Radio
4. European Tamil Radio (from Germany).
5. Thaalam FM (from Sri Lanka).
6. Suryan FM (from India).
7. Tamil International Radio (by EPDP)
8. TBC London (run by Karuna Group supporters).

Viswa said...

FM 93.6 is the frequency allocated for ISURA FM and they close up their broadcasting after 10.00 p.m. daily. So Thaalam people also using the same frequency after 10.00 p.m. Does anyone know the reason behind this? Are Thalam people having any connection with Ru-Res (who operates ISURA FM)?

It seems that Siyatha belongs to TV Lanka (electroteks) networks. Both channels are using same premises in Sri Lanka (Rathmalana) and sattelite NSS6. As I remember TV-Lanka brought a live telecast-program from Kelani Raja maha vihara on last vasak day along with a TV channel called Siyatha (which had the same logo)
Anyway Siyatha is playing all time great hits and all the FM channels are also now playing old goldies instead of Baila and kotthu. (Sha FM has changed its Sunday-Morning program to classic hits.)

Anonymous said...

SIYATHA FM and SIYATHA TV are belongs to Sangeetha weerarathne's husband and some other friedns of him. They have more 4 tv licence to launch different televisions.

also Last year 2005 Isura Fm tried to telecast this channel through them. those days they shutdown there service after 6.00 pm. then they looked to hire the frequency.

As I know first owner of Isura Fm was Mahinda Ramanayake. Now he is the owner of max. Am I correct.

Ariyadasa, Germany said...

Media Asia wrote:
Does anyone know what NETH means?
Neth is sinhala and means "eyes".
You can also see an eye in the logo of TV-station "Neth Sri Lanka".
Does anyone know the schedule, website or address of this TV-station?

VHE said...

Neth TV is working now on a new satellite Eurobird 9. I can see both Neth TV and TV Lanka in this satellite. Visit this link:

veerarajan said...

Fast six months THAALAM FM stoped his Broadcasting.Now restart there broadcasting in online.
URL: mms://live.wtrfm.com/thaalamfm

Sam said...

veerarajan,After Thaalam Fm Stoped Broadcasting Last Few Mothns But They Didn't Stoped Online Broadcasting

Info said...

Thaalam FM has continued to broadcast online as Mr. Sam mentioned. Here are the URLs for those who are interested:


Stay tuned for surprises around Pongal time.

Thank you for your continued support.

Duffy said...

Dear Mr.Info,

What happened to the radio frequencies allocated to Thaalam FM/Yellowin Media sometime ago? Is 'Thaalam' going to start operations on FM band?