Monday, November 06, 2006

CBNsat & LBN closure instigator in trouble

B.A.C Abeywardena the chairman of TV Lanka who is one of the main forces behind the closure of CBNsat & LBN is now in trouble over certain incidents that too place at the Tea Board. He is supposed to have fired an honest individual and now has been asked to resign by the Presidents office and he is refusing to do so. He has been offered a post as coordinating secretary to the President as his new post but he is refusing to accept this post too. This guy should be sacked and not be given any post in the government. He also has the nerve to go against an Presidential order.

Well what you do to others come back to you Abey and be rest assured that this is just the beginning of your downfall. You might have to pack up Tv Lanka and flee and seek refugee status in another country one of these days.

B.A.C Abeywardena Chairman TV Lanka and Tea Board, Lakshman Hullugalla Chairman SATnet and Head of the Media Centre for National Security (MCNS) are widely believed to be the individuals who caused the downfall of CBNsat & LBN by using certain politicians in the government.

We hope that the President will sack these pocket filling corrupt individuals from his government. Please refer the the CBNsat and LBN blogs for the latest on their court cases. CBNsat will be having a Supreme Court hearing today (Nov 6th).

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