Monday, November 06, 2006

SLT to launch Tv channel

Hot on the heels of the decision by Dialog to launch a pay tv channel. Sri Lanka telecom announced that they will also be making plans to launch their own tv channel once they receive the license. Accordingly it looks like SLT will also be launching pay tv services and no further information is available on the technology that they will be using. SLT seems to be targeting Mobile tv too.

We welcome the move by these institutions to move into pay television and it is the viewers who will benefit from this move. However before licensing new operators the authorities should look into solving the problems of the existing operators.


~CC~ said...

what are these problems you speak of?

Anonymous said...

As per the info we have is no one other than the Asset Media ( As per TRC)Dialog is given Licence to operate.

Anonymous said...

Dear Admn. Tell us on what news that SLT announcement was published

Anonymous said...

It is a geat news . We can hope affordable and quality TV channel from SLT

Anonymous said...

I saw this news too. It was on Sunday Times Financial Times of 5th November 2006.

cbnsatcustomer said...

Sri Lanka Telecom to carry due diligence on cable operator Grant Communications

November 6, 2006 (LBO) – Sri Lanka Telecom, the island’s biggest fixed line operator, said Tuesday that they are doing a due diligence study on cable television operator Grant Communications (Pvt) Ltd.

The company, which controls 85 percent of Sri Lanka's fixed-line telecommunications market, has applied for a ‘non-voice’ license from the telecom regulator and the media ministry, which gives them permission to use cable and satellite technology for their expansion plans.

If approved, SLT Chief Executive Shuhei Anan says, the license gives allows SLT to keep pace with global dynamics of convergence where communication and media technologies merge with telecommunication services.

The digital convergence, also known as quadruple play or four-play, gives SLT the chance of offering cable television, broadband, fixed-line and mobile telephone services.

Anan says SLT may look at the possibility of acquiring a stake in Grant Communications once the due diligence is complete.