Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Thaalam FM on FM 93.6

Looks like we are getting another radio station. We are getting reports that a Tamil Radio Station called "Thaalam FM" is testing on FM 93.6 from 22:00 hours onwards.

We would like our fellow readers to update us if you know any news about this radio station like the type of programming expected as well as the ownership and reception in your area.

We have many Sinhala and a few Tamil Radio Stations (post has been corrected), isn't it about time that someone started a few more Tamil & English Language Radio Station's.


Anjana Ishan said...

Today morning mr. Ganegala told so far they gave license to 14 tv stations and 31 radio stations. Interview held at derana. Can u find out what r these channels?

Anonymous said...

Hello Admin,

you said that there many Tamil Radio Stations, but there only 4 Tamil Radio Stations in Sri Lanka.
do you know that ??

2 - SLBC
1 - MBC
1 - ABC Networks
4 = Total

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

To Anonymous above

Sorry for the error. The post has been corrected. Thanks for pointing out the error.


Anonymous said...

As far as I now, I have heard that there are following Tamil Radio stations in the island:

2. Thendral (SLBC)
3. Sakthi FM (MBC)
4. Sooriyan FM (ABC)
6. Yarl FM (in Jaffna)
7. Tamileelam Radio (LTTE)
8. Voice of Tigers (LTTE)

Maybe there are more local out there.

MEDIA ASIA said...

Thaalam FM was started as a internet radiostation in 2003 and was also called World Tamilar Radio (WTR), and then it began satellite broadcasting to UK, Europe and Middle East through Hotbird satellite in 2005 and changed the name to Thaalam FM.

Now it has begun testing on FM in Sri Lanka since November 2006.

Thaalam FM is a 24 Hour Tamil radio station broadcasting with DJs 24 H a day. They broadcast different kinds of programmes including news, current affairs, quiz shows etc.

The company behind Thaalam FM is:

Yellowwin Media (pvt) Ltd
21 T.B.Jaya Mawatta
Colombo 10
Tel:+94 112 674390
Tel:+94 112 673803

Thaalam FM website is: www.thaalam.fm and www.wtrfm.com

Hope these informations are useful for you.

Kindly regards

Anonymous said...

2. Thendral (SLBC)
3. Sakthi FM (MBC)
4. Sooriyan FM (ABC)

only the above 4 have license

Anonymous said...

sooriyan fm
i love sooriyan fm

Anonymous said...

sooriyan fm
sooriyan fm is better than shakthi fm

Anonymous said...

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