Tuesday, December 12, 2006

E FM needs improvement

E FM is a radio station operated by Colombo Communications Limited (a member of the EAP Group) is on a downward slide in their popularity for a considerable period of time. This is the station that says "We do it differently", but it has been doing the same thing over the last few years.

The downward trend is mainly due to the demise in the popularity of it's morning show which started off several years ago with "Ryan & Omega" as one of the best in Sri Lanka but has gradually become stale with the non ending "Rick the Rooster" segment which is now not worth listening to. At the moment it can be termed as one of the worst morning shows with only Omega conducting the show.

The lack of DJ's has worsened their predicament and very often one DJ is conducting two shows during the day. The ever annoying skipping of their CD's takes place very often.

The rest of the day is also bad with a bad selection of DJ's and the irritating inclusion of a Sinhala song every hour. It should be understood that a English Language station should play songs that cater to its listeners and there is no need to play any Sinhala songs since we have a considerable number of Sinhala language radio stations and anyone who wants to listen to Sinhala music will switch to those stations.

The only time that EFM's listenership rises is during the festive season since they play the most number of Christmas songs during an hour in comparison to the other English language radio stations.

If nothing is done soon we may see the demise of E FM as a radio station.


bank_dude said...

Same is applicable to Sun FM as well. The quality of Sun FM morning show is very very low now comparing with their earlier content. Initially Jason then TJ conducted this show that keep listners glued to radio.

Anonymous said...

Regarding E, this is what happens when a station doesn't have a well-defined image and listener focus. The poll on this blog supports this: just look at the rankings and you'll see a clear correspondence between station image /programming policy and popularity.

As for the Sinhala song every hour -- that's just the station's owners trying to get their silly old nationalist agenda across. This sort of thing drives listeners away. Maybe they should do a recruitment drive among JHU members or something...

Anonymous said...

What about your Raja FM Cahannel.Please please will be start Talented Sinhala Journalists.Thats why it was Failier...Please try to be a good Channels.with Experience Radio Journalist Other Wise Has a Same Problem.We dont like a sabotage our SrIlankan Culture and Our Kid Minds Too...
sunil Jayalath

Pirate said...

E Never really had any focus in the first place. From the day they started they kept cutting and changing to suite the mood of its Executive Director and The Owners. They started off with a dance format, changed to a Top 40 and nobody really knows what their format is. In radio your format is your indication as who your Target Audience is. This needs to be well defined to succeed. Whereas TNL has been consistant in its presentation Quality and Music. They have not changed their primary focus from the day they started be it TNL 101.7 or Lite 89.2. Hats off to Niraj and crew for given us great entertainment.
Sun FM is is just another copy of Yes FM with most of its original Staff too coming from there.