Thursday, December 07, 2006

New Antenna to watch Channel One MTV

Looks like all of us will have to buy a new antenna to watch Channel One MTV clearly once they shift to their new frequency totally. This is what the Channel One engineers are supposed to be telling people who call them to complain about the clarity issues on the new frequency and it is absolutely insane since you cannot expect people to buy a new antenna for watching one channel only.

It may have worked for MTV earlier when they launched over a decade ago and they were the first UHF channel so people had to purchase a new antenna to watch the channel clearly. This was possible earlier because the public was starved of entertainment. Now we have cable television and other channels too so DO NOT EXPECT PEOPLE TO BUY A NEW ANTENNA.

We hope that the management of Channel One MTV will improve the quality of broadcast on the new frequency without the need for a new antenna.

By the way how about hopping aboard the CBNsat platform with a broadband link between the MTV station and CBNSat.


Anonymous said...

Let them start the new frequency. We will never buy another antenna and I know most of you also do the same. They will definitely increase the power when they are loosing their viewers.

These MTV & Sirasa guys think that viewers will do anything to them. We have to teach them a lesson, I think they are going too much.

Anonymous said...

MTV and Mano Wikramanayake perhaps are of the view that everybody will rush to the nearest TV shop, pay about Rs.3,000/- for a new antenna and installation!!!

They will be much mistaken when this does not happen and the advertising agencies start to boycott MTV. Then perhaps MTV will have to issue free antennas???

There are other options for viewers now.

Crab said...

Hi Guys, does anyone know if dialog has any association with MBC Network (Sirasa and MTV) ? I thought earlier they had some association when the holding company name of dialog was MTN Networks..

Anonymous said...

I think MTN networks initialy owned by Maharaja group and later sold it to the Dialog Telekom.

Anonymous said...

hey as anyone remembers we had to buy a new antenna when MTV first launched way back when. so I guess those who want to will buy one & the rest will eventually follow.... get with the programme...