Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Management Crisis at Srilakvahini

According to information that is being received by us, professionals at Srilakvahini are quitting due to unprofessional approach of it's Chairman. Director Operation and International Affairs and famous marketing specialist, Mr. Nalin Attygalle is the latest to move out. According to our source the major reason is the absence of good cooperate governance and lack of transparency regarding it's heavy bank accounts. it's learned that Managing Director, former HNB maestro Mr. Daya Muthukumarana also follows suit this week.

We got the information about the crisis from an email addressed to us. We are unable to confirm this but according to our source these are legitimate reports. We are sure what this means for the future of Srilakvahini but if Srilakvahini does not continue to operate it will only mean that Sri Lankans living abroad will be stuck to watching only TV Lanka until Rupavahini World launches for local language content.

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