Friday, December 01, 2006

To Admin - Lanka Media Outlook

Dear Sir,

Thank You very much for your information. We have made the required updates in our posts saying that you have cleared up this misunderstanding.

The difference of opinion will always exist. After all, if all of us have the same opinion then the world will be a very boring place to live in.

Good Luck and all the best with your blog.

Best Regards
Admin - TV Radio Sri Lanka


Anonymous said...

Its ok.. You r the best. I agree. Keep cool....We are not againts u or ur blog

Anonymous said...

Oh please i think you'll are full of crap and just another govt. related blog which only gives out crappy info if not why havent you'll highlighted the events that have taken place with regard to the cable tv in this country and fought for justise or even given notice about whats really happening i just feel sad that you'll are trying to follow whats happening here please if you'll are genuine fight for the rights of all lbn users who are still suffering beacuse they belong to this god for saken land where justise is only a dream and not a reality

Anonymous said...

Yes...who is fighting and supporting LBN and its customers??