Friday, December 01, 2006

More on New Channel One MTV

Channel One MTV which is separating from Shakthi TV to UHF 58 from Colombo and UHF 51 from Kandy from 4th December will be telecasting initially from 6pm onwards. This is still classed as a test transmission also and they will be telecasting repeats of their old programs and also movies shown previously.

This is a run up to the grand launch of Channel One MTV for which the dates we are unable to confirm as yet.

We believe that they will show VOA TV also and they are also tipped to show some international music programs too.

This is a solely English Language Tv channel and will definitely pose some good competition for ETV and Art TV.


Anonymous said...

All This Network of TV channels have only Limited to the colombo and Kandy trnsmission. We are apprisiating if Maharaja Network Cover the south part also.

Anonymous said...

VERY POOR quality in Dehiwala compared to the other two channels. Where is their broadcasting tower?

Anonymous said...

Well I'm also from Dehiwala. But the reception is good for here.

Dimu said...

Sirasa TV is 24 hours now (since 01/12/2006)

Anonymous said...

Very bad quality reception in Dehiwala sea-side

Anonymous said...

I think that TV & Radio Sri Lanka should communicate to Mano Wikramanayake of MTV about the poor quality reception of their new Channel 58 specially for those whose antennas are pointing in the direction of Colombo. Perhaps MTV is televising from Depanama?

Its sad that MTV have just taken it for granted that everybody will just automatically shift to their english language channel UHF 58 without asking viewers to comment on the quality of their signal... here in Wellawatte (sea side) its just awful.