Monday, January 29, 2007

Art Tv messing up "Survivor"

Art Tv has messed up the season premier of Survivor Season 10. The one hour show was shown for only half an hour by Art Tv. It makes us wonder whether Art Tv has planned to show the entire season of Survivor for half an hour every friday instead of the original one hour show.

Hopefully the management of Art TV will sort this problem out, otherwise the popularity of the show will drop.


Anonymous said...

ART Tv was showing a preview program of survivor. the original episodes will be one hour programs, the way I got the news it seems like ART Tv are
have two more preview programs to come and then follow up with the season 10 episodes.

Anonymous said...

I heard today on Yes FM that Channel 1 MTV will officially launch on their new frequencies UHF 58 & 51 on the 6th of February and their new program lineup will commence on the 7th. Pls. update if you get any further details.