Friday, January 26, 2007

"Survivor Palau" premiers today on Art TV

The tenth season of hit reality show Survivor Palau will premier today on Art TV from 9:30pm onwards. Survivor was initially shown on television by MTV until Season 3 or 4 but after they abruptly ended the show there was not even one television station that carried it forward. Now after several years Sri Lanka once again gets to enjoy Survivor and it is all thanks to Art TV.

The rules of this game are simple and participants are abandoned in the middle of some of the most unforgiving places on earth. Divided into teams, they take part in challenges and every three days, the losing tribe must trek to Tribal Council to vote out one of their own. Halfway through the game, the game shits to individual competitions when the tribes nerge and become one, making the game every man for himself.

In Season 10, twenty new survivors compete for a million dollars. They are forced to brave the wild island of Palau. They begin their journey unlike any other season of Survivor - with no answers concerning tribes, camp locations, or what is going on.

The friday 9:30pm to 10:30pm time slot has been allocated for reality shows by Art Tv. Since the middle of last year "The Apprentice" was telecast over this slot and then once the season ended this slot was given a break over the festive season and used for telecasting festive movies. Now with all that behind us, reality returns on this slot with Survivor.

We believe that after this season of Survivor ends it will be followed by the 2007 season of "The Apprentice" which has just commenced on US television.

Survivor is known as the father of all reality shows.

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Christie said...

ARTv Is just gettign better adn i hope to see more new progams and movies rather than REPETED shows which some TV stations are famous for.