Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Bharti Airtel to launch DTH & IPTV services

Bharti Airtel which has received the approval to become Sri Lanka's fifth mobile operator is to launch DTH services in partnership with Sun Network in India. They are expecting to roll out the service by the end of this year depending on whether they are able to secure transponder capacity on an Indian Satellite.

If the launch does not happen this year then it is expected that they will launch their DTH services early next year. In addition they are also hoping to launch IPTV services soon.

The DTH and IPTV services will be rolled out in India initially however it is yet to be seen whether the Airtel-Sun DTH service will be made available in Sri Lanka and whether their IPTV service will be also available here. It is highly likely that the DTH service will make an entrance to the Sri Lankan market since the company will be having a presence here. However as with all Indian DTH services, all the channel feeds will be Indian and we may not get the East Asia feeds of certain channels that are available on locally operated pay television networks.

Airtel is expected to rollout 2G & 3G services by the end of this year in Sri Lanka.

** There are some errors in this post and they have been corrected in the post titled "Correction in post : Bharti Airtel to launch DTH & IPTV services"

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