Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Max Tv reception very bad

Max Television which is Sri Lanka's latest television station is reported to have very bad reception in areas such as Ragama, Gampaha, Ja Ela, Kandana and several other places. It seems that most of Colombo is receiving the transmissions clearly but areas such as Panadura, etc are also experiencing very bad reception.

At present their transmission tower is in Rajagiriya and for some even turning the antenna does not seem to work.

We hope that the management of Max Television does not let this reception problem continue since it will result in a drop in terms of viewers. Please rectify the situation soon.


bank_dude said...

Max reception is clear to Panadura area. But I'm using a booster. But MTV CH58 reception is totally shit comparing with Max. We cannot get a coloured picture even. I think MTV just started the transmission in order to protect their frquencies.

Anonymous said...

Max Television, Are they really started? It doesn't look that way. They only telecast ten sports and somme music videos only. Yes they advertise their products (Sha Cola, Chico)

Sumzy said...

Max is very clear in Negombo. I wonder why Ja ela, Kandana and Ragama has poor reception

Anonymous said...

MGMR is Not clear in Minuwangoda now!!

Pls see the sample video

But it was crystal clear before

we are very disappointed now !!

Do u know the email address of MaxTv?

Anonymous said...

Max TV is very clear in most parts of colombo and outskirts. Even in Kandy it's clear. I got to see it over the weekend.

Ragama people will have a slight drop in the quality when compared with the earlier as they have moved the transmitter to colombo.

Better you have a booster then these issues will no more be there.

I use a "Laser" brand plain
V-Plate antenna with a Kobe booster. I get all the channels crystal clear without a single dot !

I highly recommend V-Plate antenna as it has more gain than other fancy antennas.

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