Thursday, January 18, 2007

Childrens Programmes and Indecent Advertising/Music Videos

Art Television seems to be running trailers of programmes such as "Desperate Housewives" and "Girl Friends" during or just before childrens programmes. These trailers are not at all suitable for children.

ETV is also guilty of showing music videos that are not at all suitable for children just before the start of their children's programming slot or immediately after.

This should be stopped immediately since this can be shown at other times slots and not during the time slots allocated for children's programming.

We hope that the management of Art Tv and ETV rectifies the matter soon before falling into trouble.


Anonymous said...

We have seen almost all the local channels are showing inappropriate advertisements and trailers in the mid of childrens programs.

They should take examples from sat channels on how to run a theme.

Only kid related ads and trailers should be on while the kids prgs are on.

Anonymous said...

No point of talking this man. This is Sri Lanka and everything is upside down. Even in Government channels they show children's programmes in midnight and adult movies or dramas in daytime. (Yes they cut all sex but scenes but any child can understand the theme)

Admin don't waste your time on this issue. They thing it is family entertainment and without sex and nude scenes anything is suitable for all.