Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Max TV launches today

Sri Lanka's latest television channel Max Television will be commencing broadcasts officially from today. Max Tv has being testing their transmissions for a long period of time and recently moved their broadcasting tower from Weliveriya to Nugegoda.

  • Max Television will be operating on UHF 30 from Colombo and UHF 56 from Kandy.
  • Max Radio will be operating on FM 90.6 for Colombo and South, FM 103.2 for Kandy.
Their office is located at MGM Tower, 219A Stanley Thilakaratne Mawatha, Nugegoda. The General Manager of Max TV will be well known television personality Chamuditha Samarawikrama and the Chairman of Max Tv and Radio will be Mahinda Ramanayake and Managing Director Janaka Ramanayake.

According to a report in the Financial times today they promise to be a television channel like no other that Sri Lanka has ever seen. The main focus of the channel will be locally produced programmes but they intend to show good quality English, Hindi and Tamil programmes too.

They intend to show Educational programmes too and will also entertain their viewers by relaying well known sports channel Ten Sports over their airwaves for sports fans on a Free to Air basis. It should be said that during their test transmission Max was able to draw the fans of wrestling who were glued to Max just to watch wrestling on Ten Sports.

Max Television is also hoping to commence broadcasts online using Lanka Internet which is one of their sister companies and then expects to commence broadcasts to Sri Lankans resident overseas via satellite.

We hope that Max television will be available on DTH provider CBNsat once CBNsat acquires their third transponder during the month of February. This will enable Max to be available to locals residing overseas and also enable them to be accessible to local areas that are not covered by their transmitters.


Anonymous said...

MGMR is Not clear in Minuwangoda now!!

Pls see the sample video

But it was crystal clear before

we are very disappointed now !!

Anonymous said...

What is the contact email address of MGMR ?
what is the website?

Anonymous said...

"We hope that Max television will be available on DTH provider CBNsat once CBNsat acquires their third transponder during the month of February."

This is a good news, Then we can watch Tensports through MAXTV

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Max TV Website :

Anonymous said...

Any body have any idea about "V FM's" web site?

Anonymous said...

max Tv if available on CBNsat platform is great as their transmitter does not cover many of the areas and even in covered areas there is a lot of grey areas.

with third transponder online in feb for cbnsat this would be a very cost effective way for max tv to reach to a larger group not just within the country but large area outside of sri lanka in the future.

Anonymous said...

Picture quality in Dehiwala (seaside) is poor.

rihan said...

I nead contact details of tv max
e mail tp website

sameera titus said...

maxtv some time not clear 2 hendala

coolguy1210 said...

Please show more Cricket and have a Seperate Cricket Channel. Also start a seperate Cricket LEAGUE to give more players a chance. The Prize money for Domestic and International Players should be increased drastically. Also all domestic matches should be should on TV since that is the only way to increase popularity of the game.

Sri said...

Could I please have the comntact details of max TV networks