Friday, January 19, 2007

Unused Radio Station licenses to be cancelled

Radio Station licenses that have been issued some time back and have not been used will be canceled according to the Secretary to the Media Ministry W.B. Ganegala. Mr. Ganegala has also expressed his disappointment regarding the motives of some of the radio stations operating at present.

At present Sri Lanka has about 30 Radio Stations in operation and the media ministry is said to be receiving further requests to start more radio stations. Some would be investors have been said to have been issued licenses three to five years ago but have not yet started operations therefore all these unused licenses will be canceled and given to new investors.

We sincerely urge the authorities to issue licenses in the future for digital radio stations and not for analog ones and prepare a deadline for all radio and television stations to convert their broadcasting mechanisms to digital.

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Anonymous said...

Hats off to our great media secretary Mr. W. B. Ganegala !!!!

Keep up the good work !!!!

Ask all the licence holders to start the stations ASAP !!!!