Thursday, February 15, 2007

25 Years of Rupavahini

The state owned television broadcaster Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation (SLRC) celebrates 25 years of operations today. Rupavahini is the only channel to be equipped with Nicam Stereo and Nicam Dual Language transmission systems in Sri Lanka.

At the moment the SLRC operates two channels being Rupavahini and Channel Eye where Channel Eye is the newer channel. Rupavahini is the second television broadcaster in Sri Lanka.

In its 25 years of operations it is said that Rupavahini has arguably the best coverage all over the island and sometimes transmissions can be received in neighbouring India too.

Rupavahini had an initial plan to rollout digital broadcasting but as of now the plans have been shelved.

Rupavahini being the leading state broadcaster should restart plans to launch digital operations and lead the way in FTA digital television in Sri Lanka. It is sad to note that even though Rupavahini has got Nicam transmission technology they do not make full use of it.

We are getting complaints that the Discovery Channel programs broadcast over Rupavahini and Channel Eye are not properly timed to suit childrens viewing times and we hope that this issue will rectified soon. There has also been a gradual reduction of Discovery programmes over a period of time on Rupavahini and Channel Eye.

Rupavahini is expected to launch their satellite channel "Rupavahini World" sometime during this year and the IPTV broadcasts of Rupavahini is also expected to commence. At the moment the Rupavahini Webcast is being tested on its web site. In addition Rupavahini is expected to resume transmissions on Dialog TV very soon.

Hopefully the authorities at SLRC will wake to the realities around them and make Rupavahini a trend setter in adopting digital broadcasting in Sri Lanka.

UPDATE : According to reports that we are getting Rupavahini and Channel Eye are now available on Dialog TV.


Anonymous said...

if Rupavahini can can aboard the dialog TV flatform with such a good coverage island wide and maybe their satellite channel as well, why the hell is wrong with MTV and Sirasa.

good if dialog can get all local channels on their flatform and reduce charges affordable to most and then nobody will buy an antenna to receive MTV or Sirasa and when advertisers pull out then they will realise their arrogance.

D.L.R. said...

As a CBNSat viewer I removed my antenna within one month after I purchased Satellite tv connection. But during last 6 months banned period I connected it back. Our satellite connection is back & my antenna still exists. But now I’m not switching on my booster regularly, so not watching local channels through antenna.
As Rupavahini & Channel eye also in this platform (Total 6 Local Channels). Definitely I’m removing my antenna , while I’m shifting my place. If any other channels want to catch segment of satellite viewing people they should have to come to satellite platform.

Priyantha De Silva said...

Thanks all of you, who have replied my first & last comment.

Sunday (18) in the night about 9.30 pm , Dialog TV was interrupted for few minutes due to the rain. We think that is our fault or something has happened to the dish. Then I propose If The Dialog TV is going to stop the signals for sometime, Please Let us know via a Mail Information before that. I think It can do very fast & we then know it isn't a fault or not with the receivers.

Anae... I agree with you. But I'm not talking about very near future,But It Must be. That will be the different between Dialog & Other Networks in the region. If Dilog reach Nepal , Pakistan & Even India with the competion with Dish TV, Tata Sky Etc, Sometime later Dialog TV is the Best, we should make it happen 'cose the benefit remains for us.

After sometime Dialog TV is one of our dream & the next generation, who'll get the benefit of DTV from there childhood, Like Discovery & NatGeo channels.

All The local channels must come under DTV, These days we don't know how many radio channels are there on the Radio & which one are important or not.All other TV channels like MAX, Art , Etv, TV Lanka ( A FTA Channel) & even Sirasa, We'll not see it much as before 'cose it isn't on DTV. Do you agree with me ? If They are not come under DTV, Those Maharaja's channels will be as OUTDATED before not very long.

If DTV want to get much publicity , they should take advantages, Ex: Spiderman 2 will be on air on AXN on Monday @ 4.00pm & also On This Wednesday, Why thay don't get advantages like these because other local channels even not ready to air Spider Man 1 or 2.Advertise on papers even on other local channels before these moment.
I've give another example " like Kumara Sangakkara on 18th Sunday On ZEE Sport , Next week, Mahela On Zee Sport( Sunday 10.30 am) with conversation. Why don't advertise like this moment to get peoples mind. If not you can't attract the Peoples pocket to Buy DTV.I Don't think these days ads get very attractive like Dialog Packages on Phones. In vain, You are wasting money, Do Attractive Ads & Even Channel No.01, Dialog TV on DTV.
If you (DTV) read these articles on the Blog, You'll see there're so many lovable & valuable customers with DTV, You must proud of, 'Cose All Of us Love DTV So much, That’s why all of us want to see quick develop of DTV.
You are very very LUCKY "DTV". You Have Wonderful Customers Here, Anyone in the world hasn’t.

Anonymous said...

how come mahararaja network own 3 tv station and leading Tv station rupawhanin owns only 2 ?? you call this progress ?? just another typical government place ..