Monday, February 12, 2007

Many missed '24' last night

Due to the change in the frequencies of Channel One MTV, many viewers of hit television series '24' have missed last nights episode due to limited coverage.

It is good that Channel One MTV converted into an 18 hour channel instead but adequate thought should have been given to the plight of viewers who are viewing Channel One but are beyond the covered areas.

We urge the authorities of Channel One MTV to take steps to rectify the matter and improve coverage immediately otherwise advertisers will pull out their advertisements due to its inability of reach the target audience.


Jay said...

Dude..just download the HDTV torrents..season 6 kicks butt!

Anonymous said...

Yeh JAY,We are already in episode 7 of season 6,and done with season 5 a long way back,Thanks to FILENETWORKS and TORRENTSPY.

Anonymous said...

as far as i am concerned the MTV channel does not exist as it is not visible in my area(gampaha).

Even MTV knows that and the reason that they broadcast news on shakthi TV frequency. At least this is visible with dots in my area.

I have a Booster and directional antenna. ETV and ART TV is good in our area while MTV signal is hardly getting tuned at all.

with dialog TV expanding,they better get on the platform for people in suburbs and country to view their channel cause very soon dialog TV will be in common parlance in SL>

Anonymous said...

Though i am not a huge fan of MBC channels,MTV should be commended for their live telcast of the SL-INDIA matches without any advertisments and undue hinderance to the cricket fans,Who are used to watching 4 or 5 balls per over when telecasted through local channels.

Anonymous said...

reason there was no ads was not because they didnt want to but due to their coverage been limited to few areas in colombo and everyone was aware of it.

guess MTV will realise when ads become scare on MTV either to expand coverage or find alternate method to deliver content through DTH or any such way

twimalasuriya said...

ever since mtv changed the frequency I cant receive any signal at the new frequency. I live in Ja-Ela.

MTV guys, you have messed ub big time !. Terrible JOB


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Priyantha De Silva said...

Welcome !
I'm not like to drop of any channels even Aniax.'Cose someday in the future it'll be very importent channel, we can't imagine.It should be kept & add more channels without dropping any one.One of DTV's has said , They can add 150 channels easily then don't comment about dropping of any channels exist now. Can any one tell me which channel shows the Filme Fare Award in India ? I think It's the channel ZOOM. In the future we need the channel 'Zoom' like before. Please people, Talk about how to develop the Doalog TV Than arguing. I reqest to add Dooradarshan English channels to the DTV as well. But Don't blame the DTV, 'Cose We LOVE Dialog TV very much, then Only we want to see DTV is the best in the Future in Asia. Yes, You can Do that, Dtv is a child Now, We like to see he grow very strong than anyone else in the continent. But you should increase signel strenth to even 95 %, Now 45% to 57% I Think.Please confirm my coment or not. channel Eye hasn't good quility now, someone said It's a test transsmition Now, Then wait & see what happen in the future before the worldcup On channel Eye.
I have ask From Maharaja Group, How they react to CBN Sat, then he said They can't trusted on CBN, But not with DTV. Then we can hope Even Sirasa & Mtv , Shakthi will also come via DTV, Cose Mtv cann't watch otherthan Colombo, Which is their importent Channel.Exactly they have said Sirasa & other channels will come via Dialog tv, The date is 8 or 9 on this month. I think It's time to show Sirasa & mtv with the new TP 3 or TP 4 comes.
It's better to line up these channels on DTV with the increase of selling of DTV sets. ( We hope & Wish them to reach 2 50 000 target very easily)
1. Channel ABC
2. Action channel
3. AMC Cnannel
4. MTV europe
5. Channel 'V' ( Borth 2 channels)
6. Bravo
7. CBC
9. CMT
10. Comedy Central
11. Disney Channels
12. HBO Hits
13. HBO Family
14. Fox News
15. Sky News
16. Sky Sports
17. Fox Movie
18. Fox Sports
19. HBO Comedy
20. NBC
21. Zoom
22. PBS
23. Playboy Tv
24. ShowTime
25. Showtime 2
26. ShowCase
27. Show Time Family Zone
28. Starz
29. Starz Cinema
30. Starz Family
31. Starz theater
32. TBS_ very funny comedy
33. TCM_ Movie
34. Thrmax
35. TMC - The Movie Channel
36. TNN - For Men
37. TV One - Adult
38. UHD, (from NBC)
39. Tensport
40. Other "Star" channels
We expect not nere future all of this ,
Then Dialog TV is the best in the region. We Love so much DTV, Then what what I'm talking about. Please be with me all of you ' till we get these valuable channels with ones they gives(not written here)
Make ur Voice people, & search about these channels via Internet.& Don't thank me, please ask from DTV teames till we get those.
I've seen someone has said he see Subtitles on Zee Cinema, But I don't think so other than Zee TV. Anyone there Who can tell me the real circumstance.
Thanks U very much For read This article till now. This is the satalite age. Expect More to come. ( I think They add adults channels , We can put a password & lock them Not reach children, This the Universal age & Don't keep in the dark, "Cose others aren't in the dark like us) .
see U !

Anonymous said...

If someone from MTV reading this, pls allocate a frequency in Southern province. MTV was the only English channel available here....