Friday, April 27, 2007

ETV's erratic advertisement breaks

ETV an English language entertainment channel seems to have some of the most erratic advertisement breaks in Sri Lankan television. Just last night during the American Idol show advertisement breaks cut in half way in between songs and sometimes songs were cut into by LBO.TV segment too.

It is understandable that a station needs advertisements to survive but shouldn't they be better organised in the telecast of these commercials. One would get the impression that the people at the controls have no idea on what type of programme that they are telecasting. We hope that ETV gets their act together and if they don't, we hope that the sponsors of their top line programmes such as American Idol will pressurize them to do it.

Now the other operators have nothing to smile about since even they are guilty of this offense but it seems that it happens more often on ETV.


Anonymous said...

Comparing to SETMax ( channel telecast cricket match in DTV ) ETV is much better. SETMax separate one over into three by putting ads in between every two balls.

Lakshaman said...

I am Lakshaman Bandaranayake, Head of Etv (

Let me first thank whoever posted this comment. We welcome such feedback which enables us to identify and correct our shortcomings and make watching Etv a great TV experience for our viewers. We receive American Idol feed just 2-3 hours prior to telecast and the running time varies from episode to episode and we also have to edit the episode sometimes due to technical issues. Hence we find at times difficult to maintain consistency in our commercial break scheduling. However, we will take your comment into account an will look into possibilities our bringing some regularity

Thanks once again

Lakshaman Bandaranayake

DAYAL said...


This is for all the TV channels in Sri Lanka.

I am very very disapointed with most of Cricket coverages. Mainly because as viewers we are like to watch entire 6 balls of the over but it may cut to 4,5 balls per over due to advertisements.Some time there may be 7,8 balls per over a due to wide or no ball but they will put up a add after 6 balls. I can understand that the TV channels should get some income out of these advertisements. But every advertiser is walking to your channel mainly because the viewers. But TV channels are very commonly neglecting their most vital stakeholder - the VIEWER

I am expecting better coverage in future Cricket matches

Dayal Abhayasinghe