Friday, April 27, 2007

"Asian Tribune" Insane

Asian Tribune has an article on its website which is dated 8th April 2007 and titled "Satellite based 'Direct to Home' television companies a threat to National Security". This article we believe was written by someone who has some links to a competitor of CBNsat (now known as Dialog TV) who failed miserably trying to keep the company shut before the acquisition by Dialog Telekom.

Even though the above linked article has no relevance now since the LTTE TV and Radio stations have been taken off Intelsat it must be noted that some of the information in this article is very misleading and the work of a person who is illiterate about DTH services.

The writer has said that all subscribers of Dialog TV can view the LTTE Radio and Television channels along with the pay channels and this is absolutely false since from the very beginning when it was under the previous management the decoders have been locked and did not allow access to FTA channels. Only the channels that are provided by the service provider can be viewed. These false claims were made before too and they have been cleared and the relevant government authorities know that they were hoodwinked into sealing the company initially along with one another called LBN. They also cite that Dialog TV have been not serious about getting Intelsat to remove the LTTE transmissions. An educated person will understand that since Dialog TV customers under the present or previous management have never been able to receive FTA signals there was need for the company to think seriously about the LTTE transmissions, after all the government should have taken the initiative.

If Asian Tribune as claimed in the article played a part in pressurizing Intelsat to remove LTTE transmissions from the satellite then we commend them for that. However Asian Tribune must make sure that they get their facts right before they report. If these allegations were made against a service provider in some other country they probably will get their pants sued off but since it is Sri Lanka they seem to have escaped with it. Who knows maybe Dialog is contemplating legal action and maybe they can use the money to hire a few more transponders!

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Anonymous said...

AsianTribune website is a anti-LTTE website. They write articles which is 100% against LTTE, and they use all methods to do that - incl. a lot of lies.

This article about Dialog TV is also based on more than 50% of false information.

They have several times written that the pro-LTTE TV TTN from Paris is going to be moved to first Swiss, and then they wrote Norway etc. because of pressure of the French government... but nothing such happend!

Lies after lies are found on AsianTribune website, and they had nothing to do with the removal of LTTE TV and radio on Intelsat as they claim.

Don't believe them - and let's hope that Dialog TV will take some action against them.