Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Maharaja launches "" the Capital Maharaja Broadband TV network was launched in London yesterday to cater to the expatriate population. This is the first of its kind launched by a local television service. This service can be viewed on a computer as well as on your television using MSN Tv service in the UK. Selected programmes from Sirasa TV, Shakthi TV and Channel One MTV will be available on this service.

This comes hot on the heels of a failed attempt by Capital Maharaja to make their channels available via UK DTH service provider Sky Digital. The failure was due to the high cost of subscription and the heavy indian content that was available on the channels.

The success of this new venture may be stifled due to the fact that this is a pay service whereas other channels such as Swarnavahini and Rupavahini are available on line for free viewing. In addition there are other established Sri Lanka oriented channels already available in this region. Nevertheless this service enables Sri Lankan expatriates to view more local programming than they already have.

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TechnoGuy said...

They are repeating the Satellite Sirasa again. They are providing half the current programming at twice the suitable price. Actually they hould provide it free. Rupavahini and other channels do.

I can't beleive who will actually subscribe to this. Those with internet are not ignorant and will know there are better things around than that.

@ Anonymous - who is not a fan of MTV or Sirasa

OK, maybe they got the rights. But can you explain the Star Sports and ESPN logo being there. That normally doesn't happen. An why do they put Sports 1st. They show delayed broadcasts, after we have watched it on cable tv.

AMD said...

Another attempt by the so called BIG GUNS OF TV trying to mislead the public... Im sure they have swindled some way of re-broadcasting STAR & ESPN.

Its interesting to note that:
MTV & SIRASA are the only ones charging money for viewing their webcast. Rupavahini, MAX TV & Swaranavahini all give their webcast FREE !!!

AMD said...

guys, is COMET showing the matches ?

LANKA Info said...

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Eranga said...


Do MAX TV give a free web cast? I couldn't even find their web site.

Anonymous said...


Someone has changed my password & I'm unable to make a comment in this blog. Is there a way that I change it?


TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...


Did you upgrade your login to the new blogger version. If not try it.

Please send us an email for us to communicate with you


AMD said...

hi Eranga,

yes its free. go to: