Monday, April 23, 2007

Radio and Satellite Television Station for Buddhists

According to a report in The Sunday Times, on April 30th 2007 Sri Lanka will be getting it's very first Buddhist Radio Station. This will be followed by the launch of a Satellite Television station for Buddhists.

Religious stations are available in many countries around the world but this is the first of it's kind in Sri Lanka.

Several religious organisations have tried to acquire licenses to start religious channels but have not been granted the license. However now since a Buddhist radio and television service will commence soon we hope that the authorities in fairness to all will grant licenses to the other religious organisations also to start their own television and radio services.

The Sunday Times April 23rd 2007 : Radio & TV station for buddhists


TechnoGuy said...

This is good news, for the religion, for the people, and for Sri Lanka. This will be the first channel dedicated to Buddhism, and will be watched around the world, thanks to a Sri Lankan television broadcaster.

But I do not think other religious institutions should open channels in Sri Lanka. I am not racist or anything, and I respect all religions eqully. I have nothing against people of other religions.
But still Muslim, Catholic and Hindu channels are already available for people to watch free of charge on satellite. A Buddhist channel is what the world needs, as there is no such channel yet.

Also, these channels should not be a substitute for going to the Temple, church, etc.

LANKA Info said...

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Anonymous said...


You say you respect all religions etc., but you don't want other religous channels from Sri Lanka, because there are already some channels from other countries.

But you have to know that these religious groups will not be interested in watching this buddhist channel, like buddhist will also not be interested in watching the other channels.
Therefor it will not be a problem for other religious groups to get a channels for themselves. You are not going to pay for it or watch it anyway.

And to your kind attention there are already a Buddhist channel from Asia available in many countries on satellite.

Anonymous said...

What's the big deal on the Buddhist TV and Radio? For Sri Lanka, those channels enough as religious channels. No need of other religious channels

TechnoGuy said...

@ Anonymous 3
Well, I'm trying to say that it is not likely the government will give permission for channels of other religions. Mulsim, Hindu and Christian channels are available in plenty at no cost. Only one Buddhist channel exists in the area.

In the past they have done this, and I am surprised they actually gave authority for this to be done.

But if the other religions are given permission, I have no objection whatsoever to them launching channels. No problem. But I don't trust the government.

By the way, SLT IPTV has been awaiting its broadcasting license for about 5 months now, saying that they will launch the service 6 months after obtaining permission. The government hasn't even treated them fairly.

Sam said...

Religion is multibillion dollar industry. It is a good area to touch always.