Wednesday, April 25, 2007

SLT IPTV to launch by the end of this year

Sri Lanka Telecom has been granted the license by the media ministry to operate IPTV and would launch their services by the end of this year according to a report in todays Daily News.

The service will initially be offered for colombo subscribers and can be used with their existing television set and the existing copper wire telephone connection. Subscribers will need to purchase a decoder costing approximately USD 100. According to the report SLT hopes to provide the decoder on an installment basis to make the service accessible for all.

SLT have not decided on the rental for this service but it is likely that the service will be billed on a usage basis. This is a concern because this method may prevent people from using the connection and if the usage charges are not realistic the subscribers may end up with thumping bills after an event like a cricket tournament for example the world cup which usually keeps viewers glued to their television sets. SLTV IPTV hopes to include local channels too and if they are charging on usage basis then the subscribers will be billed for watching the local channels for which subscribers may opt for watching the local channels via there FTA antenna instead.

In addition SLT IPTV will include other international content too and also the facility to watch a programme that was telecast a few hours ago.

Source : SLT to introduce Internet Protocol Television - Daily News 25th April 07


Anonymous said...

Breaking News,
New Dtv Transponders are
11513 V - 1953-3/4
11536 V - 6111-3/4
See dtv blog

Anonymous said...

Will the entry of SLT's IPTV signal the end for the other Cable & Satellite TV providers in Sri Lanka ? With a reported customer base of 2 million subscribers, SLT already has an enormous potential market which it could exploit.

With it's stated goal of 250,000 subscribers receding even further, DTV appears to have already got into a state of panic. DTV has reduced their initial subscription fee by 50% through their recently launched 1+1 Campaign.

TechnoGuy said...

@ Anonymous 2
IPTV won't destroy Cable TV immediately. And Dialog has until next year January to fix things up. Dialog probably won't meet the 250,000 goal, but at least 50,000 will do.

IPTV costs will include channels costs and ADSL/WiMAX costs. Whatever they say, you can't use IPTV in non-ADSL covered areas. And you will need at least a 2 Mbps connection to see reasonable quality video without interruptions.

They will cut ADSL costs, but still the costs could be higher that Satellite and LBN.

Anonymous said...

Bangladesh bans 10 pay TV channels

DHAKA (Reuters) - Bangladesh's army-backed interim government banned on Wednesday 10 foreign satellite television channels including Fashion TV, saying they were violating laws governing public morality.

The Information Ministry said in a statement that local cable operators had been told to stop airing the channels because their programmes were "contrary to clause 19 of the Cable TV Network Operation Act, 2006." It didn't give more details.

A cable TV operator said the law prohibited broadcasters from showing vulgar and obscene programmes or those seen as violating local customs and sensibilities.

The banned channels are - Channel V, AXN, Fashion TV, Zoom, Ren TV, Gcop, Music India, Cine Max, The Music and Zee Trendz.

Bangladesh's interim administration has launched a crackdown on corruption and vowed to improve law and order, since it took office after emergency was imposed in January.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Real Interview with LBN Engineer

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TechnoGuy said...



> They advertise 2000 channels
> They advertise channels not available in Asia!
> Their FAQ is a almost direct copy of the DishTV FAQ

They are trying to get your money. Look at their website. DONT BE FOOLED!

Antony Rodrigo said...
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AMD said...

@ MR. Anthony Rodrigo ...

We dont need to ask anyone about SATLANKA. We all know who the idiots behind it, the main clown Mr Hulugalle too !! Ur silly boss who thinks he can actually compete with DTV, do u really know who he his ?

and... dont talk about Harry J, we also all know who he really is. Jus becuz he has a connection, do u think it makes ur product good ?

another thing, DO U ACTUALLY HAVE TIME TO WATCH 2000 channels ????

Antony Rodrigo said...
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AMD said...

Mr. Rodrigo,

yes exactly, this is a public forum, so we should be free to discuss what we want to discuss. Its obvious that u hav no answers to what i hav said, otherswise why are u so scared tell them to the public ?

Eant said...

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Anuradha Bandara said...

Which TV channel will air the Euro 2008 in Sri Lanka?

Kalith said...

canada 4 nation cup eka yanne mokeda?