Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Prison Break to premiere on Art TV

International Hit Television series "Prison Break" will be premiering on Art TV. The official launch date has not been announced as yet but it is a likely replacement for Lost Season 2 or Survivor Palau which are drawing to a close. It may also be given a time slot on some other day. It is highly unlikely that Lost Season 3 will start as soon as Season 2 closes since Art TV have already shown two seasons continuously and it is likely that they will give it a break before commencing Season 3. Survivor Palau will be drawing to a close in a couple of weeks and it is likely that it may be replaced with the new season of "The Apprentice" since Art TV have been using the Fridays 9:30PM to 10:30PM slot for Reality shows.

However no official release from Art TV is available at this moment but it is better for Art TV to get Prison Break on air as soon as possible since they have this habit of advertising programmes for months without airing them.

We welcome the management of Art TV or anyone who can confirm the date on which "Prison Break" will be premiering to post a comment on this blog or email us with the relevant information. There is a rumor that "Prison Break" may make an appearance during the month of June.

At the moment "Prison Break" is being telecast on pay channel Star World which is available on Comet Cable and LBN pay television services.


Anonymous said...

Prison Break is broadcasted in India on Star Woirld

downloadbiutiful said...

I think the best way is to get students involved in the show, but do not show them a complete episode if possible. This way they’ll want to watch the rest on their own..

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