Thursday, May 03, 2007

Yes FM completes "The Caribbean Morning Show"

Yes FM which embarked on an ambitious concept "The Caribbean Morning Show" where the morning show hosts Shaq and Mark would host the show live from the Caribbean for a period of one week has proved to be a disappointment for many of their avid listeners.

The hosting of the show from the Caribbean turned out to be through a mere telephone connection and the music was controlled by a DJ based in colombo.

Many listeners were hoping that the two DJ's would churn out their music straight from the caribbean via a satellite link and the listeners would be able to hear them as if they were right here in Sri Lanka. However this was not to be so since a telephone connection would not be enough to carry out many of what the listeners were expecting.

This Caribbean week was just over hyped and failed to live up to its expectations.

It should be noted though that the live satellite link would have proved to be very expensive and they would have had to hire or move DJ equipment to the caribbean which would have added to the cost. We take this opportunity to commend them for trying to make this a success and we hope that lessons learned from this will enable them to do a better job when trying to undertake something of this magnitude in the future.

This morning show is arguably the most popular morning show in Sri Lanka and it would have been great if they had met the expectations of their listener base.


AMD said...

Yes i am one of the may listners who are dissapointed about the way show was handled, im sure a company like MBC could have afforded to lease a sat link and the DJ eqiupment for those few days...

Even the so called IDD line they had obtained from Lanka Bell was of very poor quality..

It was a novel concept, but could have been handled more professionaly.

Sudantha said...

The phone thing was really annoying... Very disappointed m self

Bardo Flanka said...

MBC (Maharaja) posted a loss this financial year. They had to pay for LTTE planes and the government won't offer them a tax rebate.

Anonymous said...

Understood. But, I think they did acheive quite a few things that other station only think of doing! The guys have been always moving the pace of radio in Sri Lanka, where others have been happy where they are sitting.

I also vouch for the telephone line...but do you hear anyone remotely coming close to even achieve something.

It was heavily publicised, and we all expected something out of this world, but they attempted to do something different..and credit to the guys they did.

Think the others should stations should wake up nw

Shimani said...

I think, given the situation, they have done a highly commendable jobs. The show is the best in the country by far, and i think this has just added a couple of points to their show.

Think it was a great effort and a good show. Its too sad, that we have become extremely spoilt of just ALWAYS wanting the outcome to be BRILLIANT, but always bypass the EFFORT.

Well done guys

Anonymous said...

I too think they did a great job with the show. Ok, I also expected them to be playing the music straight from there. But so what??? It's not actually the music I was wanting to listen to. It's there amusing chatter that most ppl want to listen to. They did a great job.