Thursday, May 10, 2007

Channel One to showcase India - Bangladesh Series

Channel One MTV one of Sri Lanka's leading English Language television stations will be telecasting the cricket series between India and Bangladesh commencing today.

This is the second non Sri Lanka involving cricket series that is to be shown over this channel. It seems that Channel One is taking an interest to show sports content to their viewers. Just last month they telecasted the FA cup semi finals live (well at least one was "live" and the other was recorded). This month on the 19th they are expected to show the final also hopefully "live".

It would be great if Channel One MTV would expand into more sports content such as Formula 1 racing, Motor GP, tennis and other events which have a following but are not being catered to at the moment.

We also hope that Channel One expands the coverage of their transmissions so that more people will enjoy their programmes.


JM Bardo said...

There isn't a big following for those other sports you've mentioned. This means that advertisers won't be willing to pay as much, and licensing fees for telecasting Formula 1, MotoGP etc cost a great deal of money.

Anonymous said...

whats the use when u cant see the channel outside colombo city limits

AMD said...

Channel 1 MTV is gonna show the ABU DHABI one day series... Jus goes to show that they are so greedy to the rights to events like this, they will spend anything to get the rights. Why couldnt they allows some other channel which can been seen islandwide to obtain the rights, like Channel Eye ?, and why on earth cant they show the match on sirasa instead of that lousy channel 1 ? When they launched the channel they said it was gonna be a channel dedicated to ONLY ENGLISH ENTERTAINMENT and now they are showing football and cricket matches on it too...

Looks like some big shots have really got their wires crossed!!