Monday, June 25, 2007

Art TV stop Apprentice rerun and show new series

Many fans of the hit reality television series The Apprentice were disappointed when Art TV started airing a rerun of the 2006 season of The Apprentice (from Friday 22nd June 2007) when there were expectations that they will air the 2007 season. The friday 9:30pm to 10:30pm time belt was being used by Art TV to telecast reality shows since last year. First they aired the 2006 series of Apprentice from mid 2006 till end 2006 and after taking a break for the 2006 Christmas season the time belt was used to air Survivor from early 2007 until a few weeks ago.

We hope that Art TV will take steps to halt this rerun and introduce the latest series.

The Apprentice is also telecast on pay television via Star World which is available on LBN, Comet Cable, Multivision operated pay television comapanies and by the end of this month Dialog TV will also carry Star World.

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