Friday, June 22, 2007

Dharmavahini - a Buddhist Television Channel

It seems that Sri Lanka's first Buddhist Television channel is now on air. This channel can be obtained via satellite and it seems that LBN is carrying the Dharmavahini signal on their pay television network. This channel is operational from 7am to 4pm on a daily basis.

We are unable to find any information regarding this channel on the internet and anyone who has is welcome update us with them.

Dialog TV is also planning to introduce a Buddhist channel called "The Buddhist" on their network very soon.


Anonymous said...

there website is at

RKP said...

If anyone want to "Tamil Net"
Go to.

(I'm not a fan of it,Only to know how some Tamils think) said...

Nice Blog i like it.. keep update the blog..

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dharmavahini said...

I guess I should have posted this comment long ago, any way late is better than never.
Dharmavahini has broadcast since Vesak May 2007 and I hope you like the work we do on the channel

Bhikkhu Mettavihari