Monday, July 02, 2007

"Live Earth" to be broadcast in Sri Lanka

The concert calling for awareness on global warming called "Live Earth" to be held on 7.7.07 will be broadcast live on Yes FM. This entire event is a series of concerts that will last 24 hours over several locations around the world. We are unable to ascertain whether Yes FM will carry the event for 24 hours but they will broadcast at least one leg of this concert from 4:30pm onwards.

We are not sure whether any television station will carry it live but pay television subscribers in Sri Lanka will be able to watch the whole concert spanning 24 hours, Live on VH1 from 2:30pm on July 7th to 2:30pm on July 8th.

VH1 is available on all pay television networks in Sri Lanka.

Live Earth Website :

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Anonymous said...

YES FM is going to cover the whole event. They will broadcast all nine concerts live....