Friday, July 27, 2007

A new Sinhala Radio Station by EAP

According to initial reports it seem that a brand new Sinhala Radio Station is going to be launched by Colombo Communications Limited (An EAP Company) in place of Raja FM which was ordered off air under controversial circumstances.

The name of the station is not clear but the reason we are lead to believe that it is operated by EAP is due to reports that only Swarnavahini is advertising this new station. The frequencies of this station are Colombo 104.5 FM, Kandy 103.1 FM and North Central 91.5 FM, test transmissions are reportedly commencing at 10am.

We like to thank Shamitha for providing the above information to us.


Anonymous said...

It is true that there is testransmisson on FM 104.05 there playing oldhits and it is true that swarnavahini is advertising this but post should be correct that FM frequency 91.05, 103.01 it is new Frequenyc for the New station that there going to launch on 31 st july 102.02( formaly raja Fm ) & I tuned the new Frequenyc 104.05 today and now it is off air yeaster day I listen Qualyt is not good.They saing lankawe Radio eka & some times same song is repeating

Anonymous said...

too many radio channel's
when u switch on the radio always bla bla bla :(

Anonymous said...

anony, i second that.

Its very difficult to find a channel to listen to a song.

I think Siyatha is otherway around. They seems breaking the ground of NO-TALK Radio.

Which is good.

We are fed up with these bla bla bla...

Anonymous said...

Its true but why Neth FM (colombo)transmission is also good what you think about that? . This frequency 104.05 is of air I dont why.Can any one tell me what is this testrans mission & why it is off air

Anonymous said...

the solution to bla bla radio is SIYATHA. Now nethFM also following Sirasa strategy. MAL songs, low quality programs,etc.. Only program I listn is PATHTHARA Malli, which still my favourite. I tuned to NETH @ 7.40am to 8.00am, all other times SIYATHA. even I'm not insert CD to my vehicle's audioplayer since Siyath started.

But Siyatha's news some what bias to Government. Dont know why?

Anonymous said...

NETH FM has lost in the radio history by trying to do every one else's formats. For eg, they tried their best to follow sirasa, hiru and sha and had almost went lost with it. I dont think any one want to listen to that crappy DJs and continiuos Rs.200/- advertiesments.

now they r trying to do what siyatha do with their colombo transmission.

will wait and see how they go and get loss on the other end.

Anonymous said...

This artcel about Neth FM

Neth FM, the 24-hour radio station setup by Asset Radio Broadcasting Ltd, is making preparations to introduce professionalism to the airwaves soon.

Speaking on this, Chairman of the Company, Nihal Seneviratne Epa stated that the name Neth FM stands for News, Education, Technique and Heritage. He added that they intend to bring down the latest equipment from Switzerland for the station. The station would be broadcasting four main news bulletins. These would be compiled by a network of news reporters and correspondents from around the island.

“Neth FM will be the only radio station to run with software from the first day itself. The software has been imported from Italy,” he added. “Up to now we have invested over Rs.70 million. With the expansion projects to commence English service broadcasts, this amount will increase to Rs.100 million,” he added.

He added that the station hopes to commence broadcasting in October. “We hope to capture around 30%-35% of the market. Our team will include broadcasters with previous experience along with some new faces as well.”

Neth FM would be transmitting from Magalkanda. This will enable them to reach around 70% of the Sinhala radio listeners. They would be reaching out to Anuradhapura and Kandy as well. The station, which will broadcast from on frequencies 105.9 FM and 93.9 FM, would have a separate frequency of 95.0 FM for Colombo.

“The station would provide 70% entertainment and 30% news and other information including featured artistes and chat shows on current issues,” Epa added. “According to our research, the majority market is the Sinhala market and it has been found that there is a large share who are not satisfied with what is being aired by the existing stations in the country. “I want to make it a professional radio station without any political bias,” he further added.

After the launch, Neth FM would be brought close to the listeners through newspaper advertisements and several promotional activities in a bid to create awareness among the listening public.

This artcel i got from the

Anonymous said...

Your telling that neth Fm is trying to do what siyatha do.It is wrong because neth fm has planed earlier but siyatha start befor that.Now you can understand the reason. Hey guys can any one tell me what is the testrans mission on FM 104.05 dont no what are there going to do because they are not playing good songs and they repeating the same song . next day also same song are going

Anonymous said...

Yes NETH FM is trying to do what Siyatha is doing. Their FM 95 is 110% following siyatha but still failing.

And their main transmission is trying to follow a soup of all radio sirasa, hiru and sha, and also failing.

Its nothing other than a cheap advertising channel.

Whos telling Neth planned, siyatha executed ??

ANd this regional broadcast like neth is trying on 95FM, isnt practicle for these private stations.

Only SLBC kind of giant can do that survive.

Anonymous said...

Only NETH FM has used radio automation software from day one ????

what a joke..

Its not rocket science to use a automation. And there are whole lot of other stations who use much more advanced automation than NETH FM.

If you want more detailed technical about inside NETH FM will explain.

But just dont jump and take the gun if you dont know what you are talking about.

NETH is using a cheap automation software whcih can download from the internet for few $. Comparing to Sirasa, whos using million $ software and hardware systems for automation.

Anonymous said...

This artcel i got from the boi web site ok. they have publish tihs articel in 2005. I want to tell you that they didnt copy siyatha because they planed this earlier but siyatha start earlier thats the thing. Nother thing they are not using cheap softwear because i no lot of thing about neht fm now there trying convert the fm to digital and nother thing is thay have the latest softwear.yesterday they up date FM 95 with a new softwear.That your telling bord of invesment website has publish lie.

Anonymous said...

Converting FM to DIGITAL ?

Can you explain this bit more (from the lot of things you know) !!!!

Do you know what SIRASA is using for automation ?

As i said, if u dont know the subject, dont jump and take the gun.

Anonymous said...

I am working at Neth fm and i have ot tell One thing that we are not using cheap sofwear.we are using the latest softwear & we are not following siyatha. We dont want to copy any thing ok.I read som comments on this thing i have to tell a gain we didnt copy siyatha.The artical is true. our system we going to convert to digital.It means our sound quality and equipment wii be digital . I no there is a one fm station running that is RangiriSrilanka.

Anonymous said...

Ah ha, so you are working at Neth FM. But you seems know very little about radio.

No.1, there is no such DIGITAL. Your equipment such as broadcast consoles can be digital but the final transmission HAS TO be conventional analog.

No.2, RangiriSriLanka also same. If they are or Neth FM is digital, no one in Sri Lanka will be able to listen to them on the radio.

You go and ask your engineering guys. Your transmitters are just DIGITAL ready. and that doesnt mean digital.

Dont ask me who am I now. I might be just one raw behind you :)

Anonymous said...

This is for guy who working in Neth FM. Can you send me the E-mail address of Neth FM's Program Manager Nuwan Liyanage? Please send it to me to my E-mail address.

Here's my E-mail address:

Anonymous said...

Siyatha is the best. Neth FM tries to innovate new things, but they are loosing.