Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Sirasa TV bags Twenty20 World Cup rights

Private television broadcaster Sirasa TV has bagged the rights for the inaugural Twenty20 World Cup that will be held in September.

Sirasa TV has successfully televised cricket tournaments before and were also the channel that broadcast the Athens Olympic Games. We hope that Sirasa will take steps to carry out a high quality broadcast of this tournament.

The pay television rights for this tournament is held by ESPN Star Sports.


Anonymous said...

This will be on Star Cricket and only LBN/Dish TV customers will be able to watch it !

ESPN and Star might not telecast any of the 20/20 matches


its good dat sirasa got this rights coz if da government channels had got it most ppl cant watch it coz all three government channels dont giv a clear reception. all da channels work perfectly except da 3 government channels. i also missed da world cup coz of this and i had to watch it over da net all da games!!

Anonymous said...

i'm sure we will loss this game
bcos all the sirasa televised cricket tournaments we loss

so sorry for sri lanka team

Anonymous said...


Do u live in Mannar or something ??

dialog tv mf said...

oi! ahamed!

are you from the east. were you living in toppigala jungles. that is likely to be the only place where rupavahini and itn do not have coverage.

in toppigala, go to the army hq there. they have a direct connection to rupavahini and itn if you want to watch. but no sirasa at army hq toppigala.

or else you buy dialog tv and get clear reception any time of the day.

anyway, i hope sri lanka wins even if sirasa broadcasts the 20/20 and even fucks the broadcast.

all the country (except toppigala area) has rupavahini and itn clear reception.

sometimed channel eye does not have reception all over the country. but in the world cup time, both channel eye and rupavahini would broadcast the matches. rupvahini would show it after they finished the scheduled programming. so anyway you could have watched it.

sad to see you like sirasa and its corrupt, pro-ltte management.

Sumzy said...

Government channels has the best coverage in Sri Lanka...Even some parts in South India can see Rupavahini and Channel Eye. I know lots of Indians used to watch the World Cup on Channel Eye by tuning in to it those days..

Who the hell are you to say that they don't have a good reception ?

Anonymous said...

chk out d fixtures

shazaman said...

Can someone stream sirasa TV on sopcast or anyother link because we live in the USA and it is very hard to find a way to watch cricket! It Would be greatly appreciated!