Thursday, September 20, 2007

E FM Blackberry promotion a headache for Dialog GSM users

Subscribers of Dialog GSM are being greatly inconvenienced by a Blackberry promotion that is being carried out on the evening show on E FM between 5pm & 8pm. The show is sponsored by Dialog GSM and the phone is given courtesy the management of E FM. The promotion requires listeners to guess the phone number and the person who is able to get the correct number and make the Blackberry ring walks away with the phone. Only a few of the numbers belonging to the number of the Blackberry is revealed to the public (eg: 077 _ _ 9 _ _ 8 _ ), the blank numbers will have to be guessed by the listeners and they will have to dial randomly until they arrive at the correct phone number.

This has resulted in several Dialog GSM subscribers receiving calls asking whether it is E FM. Due to the amount of people taking part in the promotion trying to win a Blackberry phone some subscribers get several calls.

We hope that E FM will make sure that others are not inconvenienced by their promotions and will therefore change the format of the promotion. Dialog GSM should take steps to make sure that their subscribers are not inconvenienced by promotions such as these. We believe that being sponsors of the show Dialog GSM would be able to make sure that this type of inconvenience does not happen again.


Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

this is an open invitation to those asshats who love giving nuisance calls.

denver said...

Another Dumb Promotion by the so called lifestyle station may be an idea by the most annoying dj on air on local radio right now Diamond Deen.Dialog u better watch out as well annoying all your dialog subscribers.

Efm said...

oh man, what a stupid idea...

thats ur lifestyle station for u, go mark fm...

the only berries people will win is this diamond deen's chaps. and im guess its black as well..

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Yak!!!!

prabakaran said...

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