Wednesday, September 12, 2007

e fm takes on a new look

English Language Radio Station e fm took on an whole new look today. As reported earlier former Yes FM morning show co host Mark has taken over as Programmes Manager. Brad Stevens is also now on e fm along with a few other DJ's who have moved over from other stations.

Their style of music has changed to include a mix of 80's, 90's and the latest hits. Instead of fast paced music being played all the time the new play list contains what we believe to be a good mix. The promotions have being changed with a few being retained.

Whether this station will make an impact on the English music industry is yet to be seen. In the morning show front, the e fm morning show has a lot of potential and we believe that it will improve as the station settles into its new format. How this will affect the popularity of the other stations morning shows is yet to be seen since most of the other stations have some loyal listeners. If this morning show increases in popularity then they will be able to woo in some new listeners who have been loyal to other stations. Mark fans are sure to cross over to e fm. However we believe that the e fm morning show will have a very bad impact on the Sun FM morning show which from today has become the "worst morning show on Sri Lankan radio".

It is still early days for this new look e fm and time will reveal how things are progressing. We like to take this opportunity to convey our best wishes to the management and staff of e fm in their new endeavor.


Anonymous said...

Congrats guys! mark and Lenny were Awesome.

Anonymous said...

Congrats going out to the most copy cat radio station in sri lanka. Everyone @ E FM reading this comment "Be Original". Don't copy other sations. I don't know why so many ppl go all crazy about Mark. He's not the same mark who we all love on the yes fm morning show. By the way why is there only mark on all the paper Ad's ? Not the team of E FM ?

Anonymous said...

Looks like a guy from yes fm wrote the above. Sour grapes hmmm.

what new and original things did Yes fm do?................. let me see.......nothing!

anyway as a listener I look for entertaining programs. i dont care who did what first etc.

what does yes fm have other than shaq? nothing but boring Dj's and a swollen ego.

maybe shaq should join e too. ya if anyone from e fm is reading this please get shaq on too. it will be great to hear shaq and mark again.

anyway well done e. you guys sound way better than everybody else.

dont mind the sour grapes, its to be expected.

TechnoGuy said...

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Anonymous said...

Well, like most i wanted hear what all the fuss about this new "e". But,i hated the show, Mark & Lenny have no chemistry what so ever.Music was all over the place.The reason Mark was loved by all, while he was part of YES FM was because, Shaq bourght that out in him. The chemistry was excellent then. Now, Mark is the same old Mark, who used to do the show on his own before and no one really fussed about him.
And,i do feel sorry for the rest of the "e" crew, who are portrayed as nothing and only Mark can do wonders.
If you ask anyone at YES FM or listen to them it's all about team work. They compliment and credit each other.
Bottom line, healthy competition is good, but copying and playing dirty is not what we need.

Imitation is the greatest form of flattery. So, if stations are crying foul that E is copying flattered!

Anonymous said...

Its sad that staff from stations use this blogs to air there dirty laundry out in the open. if admin were to track the I.P addresses, the stinky trail would lead over to those parties affected by the Super Job e fm and mark kross are doing. I made the switch, and i'm glad for it. I'm sorry that shaq is stuck with two juvenile delinquents.

a well wisher said...

Hey, look on the bright side. maybe all the carping and complaining we do on this blog is being taken as credible feedback after all. Tuned into Yes Fm this morning and the 'tiresome threesome' sounded somewhat less irritating than they sually do.There actually was an attempt to speak in lucid sentences instead of the jerky, annoying, semi-literate chatter that drives everyone up the wall(grrrr)! Bravo. ALSO.. checked in on e fm for the first time..ummmm.. dunno what to say . Maybe Mark and Lenny whats- his-name need to work on their chemistry by actually bonding over a few beers so the On-air double act is more successful. Another word of selfless advice to M and L: leave your ego behind when you come to the studios. NO ONE is interested in how many listeners have crossed over for either one of you. You are not in competition with each other !! Spend your precious airtime bringing value to your listeners - you both have great radio voices and bubbly early morning personalities. NOW WORK ON THE CONTENT MY BROTHERS!

Anonymous said...

no 1 do not use this site if you got issues about stations copying stupid can you get to even say something like that, copying music?? no one ownes this music we hear, the only people that actually benefit from these songs are the artists that actually made the music. E fm is good now, it will only get better, yesfm is also a good station but the feel of yes fm has changed leaps and bounds from the first time they started. E fm and yes fm cannot be compaired the dj's are the ones who can make or break a station and in e fm's case its now headed by a bloke who has seen most of the world, he has gone from some trainee dj at e fm in 2000 to a programs manager in 6 years, is that because he copied the people around him?? common folks lets really think about what we write on this blog cause a lot more people than you and i are on it.

all credit to E fm, mark and the rest of the crew great job, yesfm great job, and if your a fan of any other radio station great job to them too.


Anonymous said...

e fm is sounding better than ever before, these are the same sentiments that most of the agencies and corporates are feeling too....GO EFM GO, dont drop this momentum, the only reason there is so many complaints about copying is because they are intimated and worried about your station!!

all the best


Anonymous said...

Can any one yell me what is this The96. I sow this recently in a press conferences held by UNP. I have never seen this before.

TechnoGuy said...

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gibbs said...

hey hey ...

he he eeeeeee fm going great guns ...excellent music from last weekend on wards ... we know wht new man Mark Kross can do and also not forgeting Brad Stevens he s a great man and nice voice toooooooo..these two Gentlemen’s can do lots for this station for sure it might be No..1 station in sri lanka in near futute ....go e fm we love it..well earlier we thought morning show will be mark wit brad stevens ...any way no probs going well keep going man...als more interesting stuff future toooooo..