Friday, September 28, 2007

Latest English Station "REAL RADIO" hits the airwaves

Sri Lanka's latest English Language station "REAL RADIO" has made its entrance on Sri Lanka's airwaves. Operating on 87.8FM this station has made what we would call a low key entrance. We are unable to confirm the format of the music adopted by this station but it seems that it a mix of the oldies and the latest hits. At the moment this station does not carry out any news updates as well as the DJ's are silent most of the time compared to some of Sri Lanka's other radio stations. According to unconfirmed sources some DJ's from Sun FM, Gold FM are said to have joined this station.

The station is said to be operated by Voice of Asia Networks which operates Siyatha FM. Siyatha is due to launch a television station in due course.

Even though the station is supposed to be broadcasting from Colombo it seems that there is some interference on FM 87.8 and we hope that these are sorted out soon. In addition we wonder whether any of the listeners are having any problems tuning into this station since some of the Hi Fi systems that we tried to check out this new station did not contain any frequencies below FM 88. Wonder whether any of our bloggers are having that problem, we know that some car radio's are unable to tune past FM 90 but this can be corrected so we presume that a problem such as this can also be corrected.

The music played on "REAL RADIO" appeals to all age groups and since the banter of the DJ's is less, this station will no doubt prove very popular among listeners who are sick and tired of the endless yapping. We are sure the management of "REAL RADIO" will welcome feedback from their listeners regarding reception and the music, so please call them on (011) 2304387.

We wish the management of "REAL RADIO" all the best in their future endeavors.


TechnoGuy said...

Will we ever run out of frequencies?

Be ready for another million radio stations when Sri Lanka discovers DIGITAL AUDIO BROADCASTING.

About 5 radio channels can be broadcasted on one frequency with Digital. Live information about current and next song, current DJ, his personal life, etc. without switching to computer.

Super experience awaits Sri Lanka with launch of Digital Audio Broadcasting in January 3008 (give or take)!

I am so sad about our backward country. Especially when we could have saved ourselves!

AMD said...

jus tuned in to it on my car radio.
The signal strength & quality is good. Im in Nawala now.

I called them and they said its still test transmission & only for colombo at the moment.

Hope they officlaly launch soon and give some good competition to the other stations.

Anonymous said...

I am so sad about our backward country. Especially when we could have saved ourselves!
ane gonoo , ubata pissuda ... Sri Lanka has 3G still its not here in USA we are going good.

Anonymous said...

I also got sm thing tell to this GONA who is sad about our country.

Yes 3G was in SL way before the other big countries even thought about it.

Do you know what DAB is actually to talk big about that. Not only 5 stations, you can put 500 station in one channel space, giving up the quality.

In DAB, to sustain a FM equal quality you need to have atleast 128k of bandwidth which will consume nearly similar MHz capacity on the spectrum.

So its just not a big advantage of DAB to carry multiple channels.

Otherwise u ll end up poor quality radio like a internet radio.

And you dont hv to hv DAB to do data services such as artist info, now playing etc.,

Wait and see on your RDS car stereo, one of our existing stations will come up with this soon.

Yes REAL RADIO music seems awsome, and not much of talking. and its kind of music you dont feel like changing the channel.

Anonymous said...

REAL RADIO hotline 2303000

Anonymous said...

I called them. Yes they seems to have some interfierence from 87.6, SLBC City FM transmission.

They said it will be sorted soon.

AMD said...

Can i know what RDS means ?

AMD said...

Does Real have a SMS hotline?

AMD said...

U can listen to SLBC commertries of the SL vs ENG matches at - go to listen live and click on City FM or Sinhala Nat Service

know it all said...

RDS means - Radio data system which only The TNL Radio Network along with ABC Radio has at the moment.

if you got a new set up, u can see msgs going across your display. its pretty cool...
Works on mobiles, however u might need to put it on.

AMD said...

Real Radio site is under construction.

AMD said...

Its high time SUN & GOLD put up a website and start a webcast too. They are really lagging behind in this area.

Admin pls highlight this issue if necessary

D.Prabakaran said...

Srilanka Satellite Television Discussion forum

visit and jion

tvlanka forum

Anonymous said...

Can be heard up to Negombo on the car radio

Anonymous said...

real radio sounds real good.. sound quality has improved and its perfectly fine now.

Cellular Sri Lanka said...

A blog has been opened to discuss about the mobile networks in sri lanka.

Ur posts are welcome!

Anonymous said...

Who is behind REAL radio's music and playlists.

It is extreamly great music comparing to other stations.

any one know about the crew ?

Anonymous said...

Yeah. They have been playing some awesome music. Hope they would continue the same way even after the test tx. This is far better compaired to all the other stupid stations around.

Anonymous said...

Real radio online @

there is some indication again on Voice of asia's web site re siyatha tv. Really cant understand what their plans are.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what happan to apee katiyata. karath karanee copy karanna eka tama anika apee ekakuta nagitinna denee naa .api dunouth hari naa but sudek A solutions eka dunanam elakiri okanee hena gahala tiyenee

I head some one said stating FM radio station cost more than 30 Millions but I know we can do low cost even 3 Millions ,low cost RDS encoder will be 700 EUR soo let wait some USA company goda dudek avith oka 7000EUR kiyanakam etakota ekanam panala gani

making FM radio station for 10~20KM with RDS ( will sent current song., many thing ...) will cost 0.3 M, but meewagee ekakwath apita check karanna baa nee mehe wedak naa

TechnoGuy mee api always up to date haridda :)

Anonymous said...

Does REAL RADIO have the official e-mail address? Please let me know... also, where their studio located? Thanks!

AMD said...


Voice of Asia Networks(Pvt.)Ltd.
117/10, Hunupitiya Lake Road,
Colombo 02,

Tel: 2303000