Friday, September 28, 2007

Latest Sinhala Station "RAN FM" now on air

The latest Sinhala Language Radio Station "RAN FM" is now on air on 102.2FM. It seems that this station is operated by the EAP group. After a test transmission spanning a few months this station was launched last morning.

The station is said to be broadcasting from Colombo and has a host of frequencies for other parts of the country. We hope that anyone who has a list of the other frequencies would post a comment giving a list of those frequencies.

We wish the management of this new radio station all the best in their new venture.


rupavahini said...


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Anonymous said...

too many radio stations
just bla bla bla !

Anonymous said...

you bloody fool... atleast be proud that sri lanka is launching new radio stations and be surportive of them... you have no idea that in more advanced countries they have no radio stations and people suffer by not having to even hear a good song on air... sri lanka is atleast been so poor keeps trying so hard to be up there in the market and idiots like you only know to discourage them...idiot...

D.Prabakaran said...

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Anonymous said...

Rupavani you are right, SIN of all of sri lankans RAJA got the frequency back just like they carried filth on Shree FM, even after the bang of Raja they will Air filth on RAN Also for sure.

Pola said...

One of the better radio stations ever. Well I might say it's the best ever.Program content is in high quality. Songs superb.
Famous announcers Wasantha Karunarathne(former called as Captain), Chathuranga Thenuwara(former known as Rayan) and a lady named "Dhammi" who worked @ SLBC earlier are leading the station.

102.2 Western Province
101.3 Kandy, Rajarata
91.5 Uwa
104.5 Sabaragamuwa
95.0 Down south

Buddhika said...

It has very good selection of songs. I like all the songs they select. They select only songs from 70's and 80's, the golden era of Sri Lankan music.
The problem is that the announcers once talk about politics with great depth and suddenly shifted to poor quality advertisements, and we find it difficult to differentiate.