Monday, September 24, 2007

State of news presentation on English FM stations

It is very pathetic to note that the standard of English used during news bulletins has dropped on all English FM stations in Sri Lanka. Words are not pronounced properly and full stops do not seem to exist. The worst station when it came to news was and still is E FM (the relaunch has not seemed to have made any changes to news presentation) however the other stations are at times better but no one can be described as good. Yes FM is better but some presenters are extremely bad, Sun FM/Gold FM presenters are also bad at reading the news and TNL Radio/Lite FM can be rated depending on who is reading the bulletin. SLBC English is generally okay but that too depends on the presenter at times.

Anyone who is learning English will be mislead if he/she listens to local English FM stations. Names of places in Sri Lanka are often messed up while being read.

We hope that the management of these stations will take steps to raise the standard of the English being presented during news bulletins.


prabakaran said...

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Anonymous said...

New radio Station runs with no news at all..pure music..Real me what you think at

Anonymous said...

Long awaited REAL RADIO started today.

Now on-air 87.8MHz from Colombo.

nishantha said...

Now on air
102.2 Colombo

Anonymous said...

"Anyone who is learning English will be mislead if he/she listens to local English FM stations."
Not that I disagree with what you've said, but people learning English would be MISLED reading your blog too, to be honest. Good content...get someone more fluent to proofread.