Friday, October 19, 2007

Sirasa Kumariyo controversy

Sirasa TV one of Sri Lanka's leading and most popular television stations has filed action in courts against the attempt by some individuals to discredit the television programme "Sirasa Kumariyo" and the Sirasa brand name.

Some unscrupulous individuals seem to have somehow managed to film some pornographic content and edit them and combine them with "Sirasa Kumariyo" shots, inclusively with the Sirasa logo. Not exactly rocket science with all the digital editing software available.

Who knows maybe some of the big political barking bigwigs who go on and on about the "Ran Depaya" programmme slot which is also fondly called "Gon Depaya" and some gun trotting politico's know at times praise and at times blame Sirasa might have something to do with this. They may have also enlisted the help of some insiders and hopefully Sirasa looked at this possibility.

Unfortunately these people who keep complaining about "Ran Depaya" should be knowledgeable to know that they do not have to watch it if they don't want to and can always switch to another channel. Some people complain that their partners (or the rest of the family) are at the television during this time without attending to family matters should stop blaming Sirasa and get their family life in order.

Coming back to the subject, it is the girls who took part in this contest who will have to bear the shame of all this wrangling. Sirasa is an organisation and they will move on however some members of the public might brand these girls as porn stars and this might plague their personal life.

We urge the courts concerned and the investigators to bring the individuals behind this racket to justice and expose them openly. We hope Sirasa will take all steps to make sure that these girls will not face any problem in their personnel lives by taking maximum steps to clear their names.


Voice in Colombo said...

Have you watched the program you are talking about? You got the name of the program wrong. It's "Sirasa Kumariyo". Not "Kumara Kumariyo"

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

A big Thank You to "Voice in Colombo" for pointing out the error in our post.


Anonymous said...

LOL. You seems to be mixed up things here. "Kumara Kumariyo" is a program on ITN, and Sirasa's one is "Sirasa Kumariyo". And, only girls take part in this. Please stick to write about American programs on Dialog TV. You don't have a clue about local scene

TechnoGuy said...

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Anonymous said...

TV & Radio Sri Lanka,

Dont talk cock ,you seem to have got your wires crossed there is nothing wrong with the family life of Sri Lankans which has a culture and ethics which cannot be compared with gon depaya.Sirasa is notoriously known for this kinds of acts and their prime idea is to destroy the family life with the poison they broadcast.There is no doubt that the participants at the "sirsa Kumariyo"or kumara kumariyo as per your knowledge,were induced into this kind of acts and it is a well known fact that they are biased towards the LTTE terrorist and using the money earned from this acts to fund terrorist activites abd destroy the country.The first phase is destroying the ethical background and the quality of people through "gon depaya"

Get your facts right without promoting the activities of Rajah Mahendran and people know the truth more tan your "kumara kumariyo"

Anonymous said...

Are there any chance to see these programs on the net ("Kumara Kumariyo", ""Sirasa Kumariyo")?

Anonymous said...

sri lanka don't want time & money wasting programs

million's of sri lankans face hunger !
sirasa help the poor

Anonymous said...

F u c k , Sirasa

Anonymous said...

fuck ass Sirara and gon depeya

Cellular Sri Lanka said...

Blog updated.

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Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

Again its Huluballa

Doubts cast on suspension of ABC Network

[26-10-2007 12.40pm] The government suspended broadcasts of the five radio stations belonging to the privately-owned ABC Network Ltd. with effect from yesterday (Oct. 25th) for broadcasting an incorrect news item and causing alarm among the public.

However, the broadcaster says the news item in question was carried by Hiru FM, Gold FM, Sun FM, Sha FM and Suriyan FM only after verification.

A group of villagers in Tissamaharama that had gone to the Ranminitenna jungle to collect firewood were confronted by the LTTE at around 6.30 pm on October 24th, the ABC Network Ltd. said, adding that this report from the area was broadcast at 8.00 pm. Again at 8.36 pm, the same news item was aired with voice cuts from the agitated villagers.

However, Military Spokesman Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara said it was only a rumour that had been caused by a couple clad in black that had gone into the jungle to collect firewood.

According to Media Minister Anura Priyadarshana Yapa, people in Ranminitenna were much agitated by the news items carried by the private broadcasting station, and that an inquiry was conducted.

Security authorities have found that the rumour was spread after a child had mistaken a heap of firewood for firearms, the Minister said.

Police Spokesman Senior DIG Jayantha Wickremaratne said the police carried out a search operation in the area following a report of several suspicious persons in black being seen in the Ranminitenna jungle, but found it to be a false alarm.

Meanwhile, Director General of the Media Centre for National Security Lakshman Hulugalle alleged that certain electronic media were misusing media freedom and carried reports that endangered national security.

People of Ranminitenna were much agitated following such a false report on the night of October 24th, he said.

However, reliable sources close to the government say that the suspension of the private broadcasting station was in fact due to a shortage of radio frequency bands.

The Director General of MCNS Lakshman Hulugalle has been given a license to operate a radio station, but that a radio frequency band has not been made available to him, the sources say.

Therefore, a suspension of a radio station already in operation could give the opportunity for Hulugalle to claim that radio frequency band, the sources said, adding that the top MCNS official was a key player behind this fa├žade.

In another development, the management of the ABC Network Ltd. was due to file a petition in the Supreme Court today and challenge the suspension.

In the event of an incorrect news item being carried, it is the accepted practice to suspend only the news broadcast after an inquiry. Therefore, the intention of suspending all programmes of all stations belonging to a broadcasting station in this manner is rather suspicious, media experts say.

Furthermore, the Military Spokesman, the Media Minister, the Police Spokesman and the Director General of MCNS have made contradictory statements regarding the suspension of ABC Network Ltd.

Anonymous said...

ABC (all there channels) carried distorted news on wednesday, saying people are bieng massacred in the village in question by a group of LTTE Cadres. This was totally incorrect. They spread fear and panick among the people of the area. whats more they have lied before a ministirial inquiry stating that they did not air this news. they have given an edited version of the news. However the ministry has the original recordings of the news as they record all stations.

We need to to uplift the moral of our brothers in the armed forces, running this type of negative and unconfirmed news is no good for anyone.

Anonymous said...

lol... and how many times a day does rupavahini and itn broadcast distorted news?

if this is the rule for distorted news, rupavahini and itn and slbc shud be closed everyday....

Anonymous said...

This is something good done by authorities to control these media thugs. they think they are the people to control public but we know how they work and to whom they are working. they misuse public property for their profits and also jamming other channels specially SLBC. Let them think & work with a responsibility. Now its the opportunity to Politicos & cheap NGO's

Once again thanks to the authorities. PLEASE CONTROL THESE MEDIA PUNDITS

Im Someone who witnessed their news reporting in Tissamaharama

Anonymous said...

Media Ethics for FM Channels in Sri Lanka A Must
Sat, 2007-10-27 04:49
By Jaya Rohana

The license of the ABC Radio network was withdrawn after an inquiry conducted by the Media Ministry officials today (26) which you and I afre aware. As we all know about this incident, it is important to look into the FM culture in Sri Lanka which many have ignored for the last many years.

The harm these radio channels have done so far in terms of social values, religion, culture, Sri Lankan family bonds, youth and related issues etc have gone unobserved to our intellectuals, religious leaders, research personals/institutions for the mere reason of social ignorance.

The demand to launch a FM channel in our country is in the increase especially during the last five years. If one has enough capital and couple of announcers, these people think they have all that they want to start a Radio station. The gradual but dangerous impact of many of the programmes that are been aired through these FM channels have gone unnoticed. If we take the simple example into the suspension of ABC Radio network's license, it is very clear that it was mainly due to a news item which they broadcasted, which was of national interest. But if one can closely monitor these FM channels and what they broadcast for almost all the FM Radios will have the destiny that of the ABC Radio network.

The damage that is been done by these FM Radio channels are equal or even greater to the damage that the LTTE media propaganda network has been doing. When the LTTE is struggling all out to promote their so called Tamil homeland concept, these FM radio channels are directly or indirectly have assisted the Tiger's cause through their radio programmes which aims at destroying the much respected social values and our Sri Lankan identity.

It is further frustrating to note that these FM radios thus far have not been able to address any of the national issues in this country or for that matter develop programmes that help to create a brain storming sessions among our listeners. Love has become their one and only reason for their mere existence. We can well remember few months ago a FM radio channel which thought they are kings ended up in suspension due to the filth that they have been broadcasting.

Taking cue from this incident, the other FM radio channels took a chic turn to make their programmes look blameless from outside but crooked from deep inside. These channels start their brain washing sessions early in the morning. The start itself shows that they are less worried about our social values as we have a practice of stating the day giving priority to main three religions in our country. Instead they have decided to start the day with the so called "Choka Baila". Imagine the mental condition of a person that listens to these channels. You will be very much unlucky if you are using public transport as you have no choice of selecting another channel or switching it off.

The presenters are worse. Just because they have a pretty voice and some other qualifications (which cannot be mentioned) to be in the channel, they think they know A to Z of media and they are the best journalists in this country. If we are to continue this radio culture we will see a younger generation with a less feel into classical music, our cultural values, family bonds and most importantly forgetting who we are. In this backdrop following are proposed so that the Media Ministry can put into practice in order to bring back our respected radio culture back to our society:

-A special monitoring committee to be appointed to keep a close eye

-The programme content to be prior approved

-A standard set of rules on using language

-Set standards to become radio presenters, producers and directors

-The vision and the mission statements to be approved from committee and ensure that they fall in par with our values and goals

Well, the above mentioned are a few suggestions, but a team or a monitoring committee that get into the job (if established) will observe what they are really dealing with and the impairment that has been done by these near to the ground level FM radio channels in our country. Let's put our heads together to make Sri Lankan radio frequencies a listener friendly one.

- Asian Tribune -

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 1.20am and 5.55pm


TechnoGuy said...

I believe that what ABC Networks did was TOTALLY wrong.

OK, they made a mistake when reporting news. But shouldn't they double check their news with other sources. Even after they broadcasted the news, they should have somehow announced the mistake.

No, instead they let the people run out to "safer" areas while imaginary terrorists chased them. They cause panic and great fear among people.

Even now if I hear news that a bomb has exploded somewhere or there was active fighting going on, I feel really awful, even if it may have been a 100 miles away.
But imaging living in Ranminitenna where the attacks were said to be (by ABC), and hearing that terrorists were attacking your fellow villagers. You would run for your life and hide, fear for your children, and your heart would burn like mad. I'm surprised nobody got heart attacks in that area after all the panic.

It was really wrong of ABC, and I hope they ban ABC until they publicly apologize and do not do such irresponsible reporting again.

TechnoGuy said...

Asia Broadcasting Corporation BANNED!

Read and discuss at the Lanka Media Online Blog.

> Lanka Media Online
> Lanka Media Forum
> Lanka Media Online Blog

Dimu said...

Is this blog dead? How come it not tell anyting about baning of 5 radio stations 3 days ago?

Anonymous said...

to technoguy: they had corrected the mistake immeadiately after they received the correct information and had apologized to the public. the sunday times reported this. this is the work of the government to teach a "lesson" to other media networks and coerce the media in general.

Anonymous said...

Did anynone hear them appologise? no one did. They have doctored their off air tapes.

Anonymous said...

ya they did... i heard it

Anonymous said...

Most of the news items in ABC are what is appearing in pro LTTE/UNP "daily mirror" and nothing elusive or exeptional.The owner "RaYnor Silva" brother of UNP provincial councillor "Duminda" is trying to boost the image of his brother and the UNP.The motives of these news items are politicaly motivated by the UNP.