Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Siyatha TV launch approaching

Siyatha TV the television operation of Voice of Asia networks is hoping to launch transmissions according to the developments taking place. At the moment it seems that some sort of testing is being carried out however we are unable to confirm at what time it is taking place and in what frequency. Even the website seems to have links for Siyatha TV and REAL Radio but it does not seem to working at least when we checked.

We hope that the management of Siyatha would divulge more information on the plans for their television station "Siyatha TV" and also for their English Language Radio Station "REAL Radio".

Anyone who is able to view test transmissions of Siyatha TV is welcome to comment here with the time and frequency on which the testing was carried out.


Anonymous said...

it is working on the web site. siyatha tv carries color bars online and real radio is also ON.

AMD said...

REAL webcast is working perfectly.
Quality is not as good as LITE & E but better than YES.

Good going REAL.

The launch is on the 1st of Nov.

Anonymous said...

If you search from yahoo About siyatha tv there is a massage.
Siyatha.Com: Siyatha TV Test Transmissions online radio sri lanka
Siyatha TV Test Transmissions. Siyatha TV test transmissions are now in progress. Siyatha TV test transmissions will be going on air from time to time. ... - 3k - Cached
But if you open it there is nothing. i don't no why is that .But i tuned my Tv and some signal if coming but nothing is there.

Anonymous said...

The signals coming from I think UHF 46

Anonymous said...

some rumours, that closing down of ABC was a setup by another upcoming new radio, so that they'll get the Gold FM's audience. If this is the case, its so disappointing and pathetic. They should think about the 200 odd ABC staff who will loose their jobs.


hellow seyath,
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