Thursday, January 03, 2008

American Idol Season 7 & America's Next Top Model to premiere on ETV

Hit television reality shows American Idol Season 7 and America's Next Top Model will be premiering on free to air channel ETV during the course of this month.

America's Next Top Model will be premiering on January 7th @ 8pm and American Idol Season 7 will be premiering on January 16th @ 8pm.

American Idol will also be premiering on pay television channel Star World on January 16th @ 8pm.

For the last few years Yes FM has made it a point to announce the weekly results of American Idol before the show goes on air. For the sake of the viewers who want to get the results of the show by watching it on television we hope that they refrain from doing so. In addition when Mark was on Yes FM he too gives the results even though some listeners requested him not, therefore we hope that he does not do the same by announcing the results on the E FM Showgram before the show is telecast on their sister channel ETV. The management of ETV even if they are unable to stop other media institutions from doing so should make sure that E FM does not join the band wagon.

The finale of this years American Idol will be telecast live on Star World as they have been doing so over the last few years and we hope that ETV would also do the same for the first time.

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