Thursday, January 03, 2008

Prison Break Season 2 to premiere on Art TV

The Second Season of Hit Drama series "Prison Break" will be premiering on Art TV. The trailers for this are being carried on Art TV at present. The significance of this is that Art TV will be telecasting this show on Terrestrial Free To Air television before the show is carried on Pay Television. Star World will be telecasting this show only towards the middle of this year but it looks like Art TV will beat them to it.

We hope Art TV will telecast the second season soon without carrying out trailers for months.

It is surprising that Star World, one of the leading pay television channels is unable to telecast "Prison Break" Season 2 before a free to air channel does so. It is an event that the Star World management can be ashamed of and Art TV can be proud of.

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Times Eye said...

I've got both series on my computer..fantastic