Tuesday, February 26, 2008

ABC to resume?

According to unconfirmed sources it seems that ABC Radio Network which had its licenses withdrawn under controversial circumstances has been issued new licenses. According to these sources the channel has commenced testing their studios and will commence full scale testing from March onwards.

However we are unable to obtain any independent confirmation.

Link : Lanka E News - Sun rises again (25 Feb 2008)


Mayooresan said...

Good news.. already missing Sun FM alot!

sanjeewa said...

wOw sun rises again ♪ cant wait man...bad news for other ƒ****** channels
sun we ♥ u

LKDOOD said...


Sri Lanka In Focus-NEWS & CHAT

Anonymous said...

IPTV unit launched by Sri Lanka Telecom.


Rasika said...

it is great, when will they start out door transmission. we know that they have started indoor testings. will they start by 1st of march? any info?

Sam said...

For the first time,Sri Lanka Telecom will launch Internet protocol television (IPTV) from next May. Sri Lanka is the second Cuntry in the region after India to launch this technology.
Head of ip Brodband and Network division, Sri lanka Telecom,Priyanka Udugodage said that they eaceived the licence from the Telecom Regulatory Commissions (TRC) over one year and since have been making test transmissions.
"We hope to launch this service early may and initially over 80 percent of the country would be covered," he said. speaking at the Cisco Media Offsite 2008 at Heritance Ahungalle he said that people for the first time would have the facility to watch thier progarmmes and News as and when a person wants.
(On demand )The facility would be also available on Mobile via Mobitel as people prefer mobility and home users can avail this service though the existing SLT phone lines.
The local Telco industry is very competitive and one needs innovation to compete in the market.
"This is why SLT decided to launch IP TV", he said. It requires a subscription and an IPTV set-top box, and offers key advantages over existing tv cable an d satellite technoligies.
IPTV is typically bundled with other sevices like video over on demand (VOD),voice over IP (VOIP)or digital phone, and web access,Collectively referred to as Triple play.

dannymot said...


Does anyone know what the latest info is about ABC commnencing commecial broadcasts?

sithma said...

SLT IPTV on free trials from 31st March in Colombo with TSTV and VOD Etc..in Colombo
Any further News?

sithma said...

SLT IPTV on free trials from 31st March in Colombo with TSTV and VOD Etc..in Colombo
Any further News?