Thursday, March 06, 2008

SLT to launch IPTV in May

Sri Lanka Telecom has announced plans to begin providing IPTV services from May 2008 onwards. According to Head of IP Broadband and Network Division, SLT has been testing the service ever since they received the TRC license over an year ago. Sri Lanka will become the second in this region to provide this service after India. With SLT entering the market they become the fourth major player in the pay television industry after Comet Cable, LBN & Dialog TV.

The entrance of SLT is much awaited as it will contribute to increased competition which will eventually result in a reduction of prices of pay television services.

The Daily News March 6th 2008 : SLT to launch IPTV from May


Dili said...

Id love to see how SLT implements this given that their networks are overloaded and underperforming as it is.

podiman said...

They have been talking about it for the last year or so. We will ses in another year or so.

Rasika said...

there is tamil radio channel on the same frequency that is used to broadcast Y Fm to rajarata area. this channel operating from 6pm to midnight. any info about this radio channel?

Sam said...

only for Rajarata area?

Sam said...

Are there any new Radio or Tv channel come soon?

Sam said...

What is the rajarata Frequency of Y fm ?

LKDOOD said...

IPTV finds Cable TV a threat to competition

By Ravindu Peiris(Daily Mirror)

Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) introduced to Sri Lanka by Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT) is threatened by the competition offered by Cable TV and Satellite TV providers.

SLT Head of IP and Broadband Networks Division Priyankar Udugodage said that although they can offer IPTV for low prices the Cable TV providers such as Dialog TV are already providing such for low prices. "That is where the issue is, the Cable TV competitors" he said at the Cisco Media Offsite 2008. SLT which has already obtained the license for IPTV can offer it wherever DSL is offered.

A significant feature of IPTV according to Udugodage is that in IPTV the customers decide when to watch the programmes and not the broadcasters. "The copper lines which have been placed can bring high speed internet to your computers as well as DVD quality TV" he affirmed.

Udugodage moreover revealed that if it was not IPTV they could portray higher prices but because it is IPTV they can talk about offering it to customers at a very reasonable cost. He revealed that SLT Broadband is experiencing a 100 percent growth with 60,000 households opting for broadband in the island.

"Although we laid the fibre up to Jaffna it was disconnected but it has been spread even to Vavuniya and they are able to enjoy ADSL" he said.

He confirmed that in the next few years the networking and communication system will be imperative to the Sri Lankans like water and electricity as the network in this country is evolving to an IP standard. "In the future there would be one converged network for broadband be it wired or wireless. Now we have separate lines and fees for everything but in the future it would be only the IP Wide Area Network Broadband" he said.

He pointed out that in those days it was a mere public communication network with just the voice being broadcast.

However now it has transformed in the last 15 years going beyond voice and now offering various multimedia services. He noted that it was Cisco who pioneered the IP routers in Sri Lanka and also supported the SLT to enhance and develop the company's networks.


Sri Lanka In Focus-NEWS BLOG

Rasika said...

Frequency for Y Fm to Rajarata is 99.1Mhz

sithma said...

This episode on IPTV has a lot to write about. Having read comments on introduction of IPTV in Sri Lanka, prompted me to do some research on the net. It appears most of the big league guys such as BT, Singtel, Reliance, France Telecom have or about to have an IPTV offering in their service portfolio. But then…this is Sri Lanka. I am trying to dig stats on the number of customers changing from Satellit,DTH offering to Cable,IPTV but still not got. All indications are with SLT joining the TV arena, will make the service provider industry more competitive and thus bringing the prices down which is a welcome move and make it more affordable to the average customer. SLT has by far the biggest and diverse customer segments, with people of all walks of life.

Also with rumours of SLT upgrading their core IP network to 10G, would make these services faster to the end customer. After all SLT needs a very good distributed ADSL and fiber network, and a resilient core network to provide bandwidth reservation for IPTV services. Also IPTV would change the whole landscape of the TV industry bringing in the Interactive part where the customer has a choice of when/where he wants to watch the movie. I myself would like to watch movies and episodes at the time I like.

Rumour has it that DTV in a frantic move, is countering the competition by giving free decoders to premium customers, and testing MPEG4 transmission to enable them to b’cast more channels. All in all, if SLT get things in perspective, we would be not having problems of sudden channel shut out during rains and winds (no more blames on Global Warming!!), and heavy pixellation in viewing, an intrinsic issue in the Ku band reception