Thursday, April 10, 2008

ABC Network channels to resume on April 15th?

According to unconfirmed reports the ABC Network channels are expected to resume transmissions from April 15th with Sooriyan FM commencing at 6am on the same day.

We are not sure whether all the ABC Network channels will commence on the said day but it looks like Hiru & Gold may also commence on the same day. The frequencies that will be assigned is not yet clear but there is silent testing being carried out by on some frequencies.

The channels may not retain their original frequencies but overall the frequencies will be same but with the channels have had their frequencies switched. For example it is unlikely that Gold FM will retain 89.8FM & Sun FM will retain 99.9FM but some other ABC channel will be on 99.9FM.

This information is not confirmed as yet and as the days progress more information is sure to be revealed and you will definitely find it here. It not clear whether Sun FM & Sha FM will also commence transmissions on April 15th but it is highly unlikely that this will be so.

We take this opportunity to wish all our valued bloggers/readers, the Management and Staff of all all Media organisations in Sri Lanka a Peaceful, Happy & Prosperous New Year.

"Suba Aluth Awruddak Wewa"


Sanjana said...

Sooriyan Rising On April 15th at 6 AM
The Number One Hit Channel Sooriyan Fm Will Be on Air From 15th of April at 6Am (Local Time)
With Islandwide Powerful coverage.
Worldwide Listeners Can Listen Sooriyanfms Broacast through
Their Authorized Website Keep In Touch With Sooriyan.

Note - is the only website carriying the signals of sooriyanfm with authorization. Any other sites are not ,so please support to continue live through worldwide .
Thanks In Advance.

FM said...

On Tuesday onwards Hiru goes to 96.7fm(they didn't get 107.9 freq) & Gold Fm replaced to 99.9 (Previously Sun FM Freq) but ABC now hearing a big problem on qualified English medium Djs all are went to Real FM...!So report says they have no background to start a good quality FM Channel yet!
Reed more

LKDOOD said...

Happy new year !

sm said...

Happy New Year 'tvradiosrilanka.blogspot'
Enjoying Life With Gold 99.9 ♪

sm said...

someone:wake up guys
someone:its onair
someone:Gold is back baby

99.9 Gold FM

Lasitha said...

Hiru back ON AIR...

Lasitha said...

හිරු 95.3mhz

Lasitha said...

හිරු නැවතත් පායයි. අහන්න හිරු FM 95.3mhz මුළු රටටම.....

LANKA INFO said...
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LANKA INFO said...

Who said entertainment in Sri Lanka is dead?

FM said...

Colombo Freq. s
Hiru - 96.7 FM
Gold - 99.9 FM
Suriyan - 103.2 FM
Read more abt ABC gossips

FM said...

Read Gossips

Sam said...

What is this Dan Lanka tv ?

Sam said...

In same frequency.

Saman Jayasinghe said...

What is this Dan Lanka tv ?

This was one of channel in Europe on Hot Bird base. There were Dan Ceylon TV, Dan Music, Dan Tamil. Now I don't know what happen these channels.