Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Digital Broadcasting Conference & Exhibition 2008

The first ever Broadcasting conference & exhibition will be held in Sri Lanka from June 12-14 at the BMICH.

The aim of the exhibition is to showcase the latest in broadcasting technology and the aim of the conference is to standardize the migration to digital broadcasting systems.

This is the second step towards digital migration after the initial pilot digital transmissions project jointly carried out by the Media Ministry and Dialog Telekom. We hope that this conference will be the stepping stone towards digital television/radio and realistic targets will be set for the migration of all analogue transmission systems to digital.

How successful this conference will be can be ascertained in the months after the conference and hopefully this will not be a case of all talk and no action. Certain broadcasters who are glued to analogue will come up with various excuses why this will not work but it is up to the Media Ministry & TRC to make sure that the excuses will not be main concern but a realistic pathway for the switch over. Broadcasters who are not willing to switch should told clearly that there is no other alternative.


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Rasika said...

3 stations of suspended ABC radio to get back on air

The government has re-issued licenses and frequencies for three radio channels of ABC Radio Network.

The stations were suspended by the Ministry of Mass Media on 27th October last year on the charge of having carried a misleading news report regarding the war.

The network included five radio channels - Hiru FM, Sun FM, Sooriyan FM, Gold FM and Sha FM.

Speaking to ‘Lankadissent’, a senior spokesman for ABC Network said that Hiru FM, Sooriyan FM and Gold FM will be back on air from the beginning of next month.

Out of the 24 frequency bands initially issued to the radio network, only 15 have been reissued.

Hiru FM’s frequency band of 107.9 has not been re-issued, but the channel resumed its test transmissions on another frequency yesterday (April 07th).

The ABC Network was suspended after accusations by the government that it had been biased towards the main opposition United National Party.

Its Director Reynor Silva is the brother of Western Provincial Councilor Duminda Silva.

Days after the suspension of the radio stations, the councilor met the President and crossed over to the government.

In view of this change in loyalties, the ABC management has decided to alter the political line of all its radio stations.

Telecommunications Regulatory Authority sources say that several relatives and friends of President Mahinda Rajapaksa have shown an interest to obtain the nine frequencies that had earlier been given to ABC radio network.