Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Discovery to launch DTH specific channel in South Asia

Discovery Communications will be launching a DTH specific channel for South Asia in the near future. This was revealed during a recent press conference in India organized by Discovery Communications.

Discovery has several other channels in various regions such Discovery HD, The Learning Channel, Discovery Health, etc other than Discovery Channel, Discovery Travel & Living, Animal Planet which are the only Discovery Communication Channels available in South Asia.


Rasika said...

Frequencies given to Hiru, Gold and Sooriyan have some changes compared their old frequencies but the frequencies which they originally used for the whole network have not changed. For example this time Hiru is going to start on previously Sun FM frequencies and the Gold may use previously sha FM frequencies. You can see it now as they already start testing frequecies without any music.

sithma said...

Thanks Rasika
Dear Ara and Pasbara We ware waiting for you in the mornnig session with same flaver pl

dannymot said...

What is the GOLD FM test frequency?