Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Sri Lanka's first pay television channel is referred to as "crap"

Sri Lanka's first pay television channel "CiTi HiTz" which is exclusively available on Dialog TV has been referred to as "crap" by subscribers. The channel has only broadcast old stale teledrama's during the period that it was available free of charge and little or no movies at all. Many subscribers are disconnecting "CiTi HiTz" from their lineup since they are of the view that it is not worth the Rs 50/= monthly that they have to pay in addition to keep the channel activated.

If the trend continues the first pay television channel in Sri Lanka would have to wind up operations unless something drastic is done to improve the quality of the channel. If the quality of this channel is improved then it could be beamed to Sri Lankan expatriates who will willingly pay to view this channel.

If "CiTi HiTz" is to improve it should get itself onto other local pay television networks which is only likely after its exclusive distribution deal with Dialog TV expires. Another notable way of improving this channel is to reduce subscription rates and if it is expensive to run the channel then limited advertising should be accomodated.

However Sri Lanka's second pay television channel and the first local language music channel "Channel C" seems to be riding a wave of success and it is getting some positive reviews. So it may be a case of "Channel C" drowning out "CiTi HiTz" and only time will tell. So far the management of "CiTi HiTz" are not at all professional in the way the channel is being handled and if no action is taken then they may not have a channel to handle.


Thilini said...

I can't say "Citi Hitz" is a crap. I know big bunch of people (including my relatives and lot of my friends) really like to watch "Citi Hitz" and they are ready to pay for it and retain it in their Dialog TV package as long as "Citi Hitz" in the business. I know there are some areas they have to improve and hope they'll improve in those areas in coming days. In the meantime I can understand why you guys are "Citi Hitz" reffering as a crap, cause I think most of the people talking and sharing ideas here are English oriented and not have that concern about Sinhala language programs, I assume if Dialog TV give totally English channels package without any other language channels you guys will be happy than any body else. I am right isn't it? Be patriotic guys, be supportive to Sinhala media institutions to grow up and become media giants.

Patson said...

Srilanka's first pay tv channel city hitz is a crap No2,srilanka's first satellite tv channel TVlanka crap No.1,highly un popular among srilankans living abroad,old news,repeats of old teledramas,repeats of same songs.
watch tvlanka free,no need of paying Dtv 50/=for old teles.

Amaris said...

To Thilini

We subscribe to DTV to get entertainment and NOT to make charity contributions.

If the channel is crap its best to call it crap. Just because its a local channel competing for subscribers shouldn't give it bonus points on a quality scale.

If the Sri Lankan artists including the people behind Citihitz learn to compete they they WOULD become giants. But if they learn to live on handouts and subsidies they will NEVER improve. Just as they are doing now they will learn to offer crap to us and hope to survive using the 'patriotic', 'Sri Lankan', 'local artistes' cards. This might last a few months and then they WILL fold....

Thilini said...

To Amaris

Of course CRAP is CRAP, but my point is why you guys only trageting "CITI HITZ" and blasting and saying we don't want to pay for it? That's because its a local channel, most importantly you guys don't want to pay for local things and want to pay for foriegn channels even though those are total crap. For example, get "ZEE TV" what you guys doing about it? Nothing!! Its a totally hindi crap, Were you guys ask to remove it, and protest against it? Answer is NO right? So those things happening because of you guys doesn't have patriotic mind towards local things, that's the truth, you can't hide by slamming "patriotic" "Sinhala" "local artists" ideas. Be a Patriotic guys and Proud of local stuff and be supportive to them. Other wise you can take surename as "KALU SUDDA"

DLR said...

Do not lick DTV asses
We always against crap from the begining. till now they gave crap FOC. So what we request was to change the channel to good one. But this time DTV Idiots forcing us to pay extra for a crap channel. We are sinhala guys ready to pay for good sinhala channel. But we r not ready to pay extra for a crap.

Thilini said...


First I want to tell you, mind your language first, cause if you don't know how to respect to the girl even in bigger argument, how can you say you are a Sinhalese guy? If you are a real Sinhalese guy you will give respect to the girls. BUT you didn't, shame on you DLR. Other thing is talk to the point, cause I didn't talk about DTV, I talked about "CITI HITZ", so don't try to show me as DTV supporter. As I know "CITI HITZ" and "DTV" are two separate things, so tell me did you said I am a DTV supporter?

LKDOOD said...

NewsX to be available on Tata Sky from April 14


Sri Lanka In Focus-NEWS BLOG

Sam said...

hey guys any one no the launching date of Radio 1 ?

Sam said...

Hey guys there is a good news See this Article.

Broadcasting Sri Lanka 2008 conference and exhibition in June

Broadcasting Sri Lanka 2008, the country’s first ever mass communication technology conference, will be held in Colombo on 12-14 of June 2008. Complementing Broadcast Sri Lanka 2008 is its flagship exhibition showcasing the latest digital multimedia technology and professional industry equipment and services exhibiting companies.
The conference is aimed at standardizing the migration to digital TV by developing a consensus on the migration pathways. It will address key topics of importance which will affect all those involved in the television industry in converting from analogue to digital of all televisions stations, production houses, producers, directors, technicians and suppliers of TV equipment.
The other key areas to be discussed at the conference will be topics such as:
should Sri Lanka change into digital only or go directly for high definition television?
issues in television production
issues in sound recording, transmission and reception
issues relating to existing TV receivers after migrating to digital
issues of regulation and a template for the migration process.

TechnoGuy Sri Lanka said...

A-la-carte and Bouquet Rates of Indian Pay Television Channels

Click Here for information on Individual Networks' channel prices.

Click Here for information on All Networks' channel prices.

*All information are in PDF files.
*All prices are in Indian Rupees (INR).
*1 INR = 2.70 LKR
*All channels are Indian feeds, not Asian.

LKDOOD said...

Reliance Communications makes Sri Lanka foray


Sri Lanka In Focus-NEWS BLOG

sithma said...

Sun Rise
07 Apr, 2008 15:52:34
By Ishara M Gamage
Sri Lanka's ABC radio to get back on air: official
April 07, 2008 (LBO) – Sri Lanka's ABC Radio network is hoping to get back on air shortly after authorities re-issued some of its licenses and frequencies, a top official said.

The network ran five radio channels which were shut down by the government over a report it broadcast about Tamil Tiger activity in the south of the island.
ABC managing director Reynor Silva said Hiru FM, Gold FM and Sooryan FM have been issued spectrum by the telecommunications regulator Monday.

Hiru is a Sinhalese language channel, Gold is English and Sooryan Tamil.

He says frequencies for Sha FM and Sun FM had not yet been issued but broadcast licenses have been issued for all its channels last month.

Silva's brother Duminda was a member of the opposition United National Party, but he crossed over after radio stations were shut down by the government.


Rasika said...

ABC network is hoping to get back on air as they have been issued some of its licences and frequencies on monday(07/04/2008). But according to the officials of the ABC network, Frequencies have been issued only for Hiru, Gold and Sooriyan and the other frequencies for Sha and Sun are yet to be finalized by the authorities. Any how now they are ready start Hiru, Gold and Sooriyan in the near future.

sithma said...

What is the Frequency of Hiru / Are they same was there 107.9 to Colombo

LANKA INFO said...

Official| Sun Rise | ABC radio Networks to get back on air

Rasika said...

Frequencies given to Hiru, Gold and Sooriyan have some changes compared their old frequencies but the frequencies which they originally used for the whole network have not changed. For example this time Hiru is going to start on previously Sun FM frequencies and the Gold may use previously sha FM frequencies. You can see it now as they already start testing frequecies without any music.